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Event Reports 2016


Wine Tasting – Thursday 1 December



John Calderwood of Bucktrouts presented a fascinating and informative wine tasting in the Clubhouse on the 1st December 2016. A total of 18 people attended the event and were enthralled by John’s initial explanation of the Forget-Brimont 1ER Cru Champagne. He said that this was a unique champagne which was dominated by the Pinot grape variety with a small percentage of Chardonnay.

The second wine to be sampled was the Macon Lugny Les Genievres. John explained how this village was reached while driving down through France which has a great reputation for white wines which has made the Macon region famous. The limestone soils and warm climate produced the most coveted white wines of this region.

We were then in to some nautical territory. John explained that the zones on the earth’s surface between 30 and 50 degrees either north or south provide the ideal climatic conditions for wine production. In fact he put forward that these are really the only latitudes where wine can be produced.

This bought him on the ‘so called’ new world wines to be tasted, the Rachels Chenin Blanc Boschedal from South Africa. This wine is produced in that golden segment of the earth between 30 and 50 degrees south. John expanded on the misconception of ‘new-world’ wines explaining that grape cultivation in South Africa dated back to 1652 when the first Dutch settlers had landed. And with another remarkable nautical reference he explained that the grapes were grown and the wine produced to prevent scurvy on the long sea voyages to and from the old and new worlds. This seemed an extremely appropriate nautical/navigational reference to place before a group of wine tasters in a yacht club. There was no chance of any of those present contracting scurvy that evening.

The first South African wines would have been produced a few years after. Being some 350 years old some of these ‘new world’ grape varieties considerably outstrip the European ‘old-world’ vines especially, as John explained, the European grape varieties had been decimated by disease and civil unrest over this period of time meaning that in fact some of the ‘new-world’ vines were older than the ‘old-world’ vines.

John’s personal favourite of the evening was the Sancerre Rose Domaine Pre Semele. You can’t argue with the expert.

We were then on to the reds. Rigal the Original Malbec was first up and my table were particularly enthusiastic about this full bodied Argentinian wine. The black fruit, spicy violet flower and blueberry aromas certainly got the thumbs up. For me the next red, the Santa Alicia Reserve Merlot was an excellent choice. Tasted great and was cheap.

We finally finished off with the classic Chateauneuf du Pape Reine. It’s nice to finish off on a high note.

Then followed the shocker, a quiz, I happened to be sitting on a tabled almost entirely populated by lawyers and after the most shocking example of covert collaboration I have recently witnessed one of us managed to win. Apologies to the other two tables but these lawyers just can’t be trusted.


RNLI/CIAS Cocktail Party – Tuesday 22 November




It was just one big huge love-in in the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club on the 22nd November 2016. It was as if the whole event had come ‘full-circle’.

As usual the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club hosted the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and Channel Islands Air Search for their annual ‘thank you’ from the boating fraternity but this year was extra special.

The Commodore, who had nominated the RNLI for this year’s inaugural Pride of Guernsey Award, spoke first welcoming the crew’s and guests and thanking the members who had voluntarily provided the canapés and the new Stewardess, Vanessa Mahy, for organising the event. The clubhouse was as usual full to capacity.

Edward Fattorini then presented the unique winner’s medal for the Emergency Hero of the Year Award to Peter Gill, St. Peter Port Lifeboat Operations Manager. Peter Gill’s acceptance speech was particularly poignant. As well as the usual annual rescue statistics Peter recalled two operations for special mention. The first of which regarding an injured fisherman was moving as the emotion of the story was palpable in his voice. The next was witty and entertaining as he recalled how the number of people first reported to require rescuing from the Travel Trident Herm Ferry was vastly over exaggerated by a miscommunication on the VHF radio. This is a speaker who never just ‘phone’s it in’ and it was obvious how much all of this meant to him and his organisation.

The £1,000.00 prize money cheque bought about a third anecdote as Peter explained how much time the Lifeboats ‘eyes in the sky’ had saved them when trying to locate a yachtsman lost in the Big Russell. This left Buz White to very amusingly present the cheque that the RNLI had won to the Channel Islands Air Search instead, recalling how his father had always advised him if you want to give someone a present that you don’t want ‘always do it when they are not looking’.

Ian Stewart and Jamie Boyd kindly represented the sponsor Rossborough Insurance who were heartily thanked for their generous support, not only of this event, but of numerous other local charitable and community events.

We look forward to hosting this event again next year.


Laying Up Supper – Saturday 12 November



A ‘sell – out’ Laying Up Supper where members enjoyed, once again, the excellent catering by Andy Taylor of Café Delices (Cream of Mushroom Soup, Coq au Vin with Fondant Potato and Green, Tarte au Citron with Fruit Garnish).

A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Thanks Vanessa!


Fitting Out Supper – Saturday 2 April


A rather special Fitting Out Supper with our recently retired Steward Michael Blaney guest of honour.

The Club was as full as it could be with 31 members & guests sitting down to enjoy the 3 course supper provided, once again, by Andy Taylor of Café Délices.

Towards the end of the evening Commodore Ray Redelinghuys made a short speech and presented Michael with a gift from Club members.



Quiz – Wednesday 23 March



Another excellent Quiz provided by quizmaster Jeremy Smithies. Jeremy was ably assisted by Jane Smithies who worked out the results.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening with members enjoying the food provided by Dino’s Restaurant or Fish & Chips.

Jeremy & Jane Smithies were presented with a bottle of Prosecco by the Commodore by way of thanks for making the evening possible. The “Royalists” won the quiz and and were also presented with bottles of Prosecco.


61st Annual Dinner, Dance & Prizegiving – Saturday 30 January



84 members and guests a successful Dinner, Dance & Prizegiving at The Farmhouse with music provided by Clameur de Haro.


Ladies’ Day – Friday 1 January


Ladies Day 01.01.2016


Ladies’ Day 2016 was one of the most successful ever.

Some 20 ladies enjoyed a drink and approximately 10 menfolk joined them later.