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Results & Reports 2018

2013 Oak Trust Impi


MUG Navigational Passage Race Series


Round Sark (Race 7) – Saturday 13 October


Thrilling conditions prevailed throughout the last RCIYC MUG Navigational Passage Race Round Sark on Saturday, 13 October 2018.

Only two boats braved the start line, unsurprising given the dismal forecasts. And the stakes were high for both: Lloyd/Hughes/Holmes’ “Sun of a Gun” had to win the race to snatch overall series victory from Simon Henning’s ‘White Rabbit’.  And Richard Babbé’s “Mr Scarecrow” risked all for one last chance of a trophy this season.

Mr Scarecrow was first across the start line off Castle Cornet, on a beat towards Anfré. But disaster nearly struck for her soon afterwards, when she appeared to be caught on a submerged lobster pot bobber. The much larger Sun of a Gun took the momentary halt of her competition as opportunity to overtake, and once round the first mark set off on a close reach towards Lower Heads.

Both yachts battled big waves throughout the race, with dramatic scenes of crashing white spray off the South coast of Sark, the occasional guillemot diving into the dark grey seas.

Sun of the Gun was first to round l’Etac and well ahead of the Scarecrow at his stage, bearing away but not quite braving a spinnaker in steady 30 knots of wind. She had passed the East coast of Sark and was making way past Les Grunes by the time the Scarecrow got into her stride past l’Etac. She, too, was content to fly just under her jib, surfing the waves downwind with up to 14 knots of speed. Then disaster struck for the Gun, who had braved a spinnaker hoist and ran into difficulties. She had to continue quite far East to deal with her headsail, meanwhile giving the Scarecrow plenty of time to catch up. Both yachts, much closer now, raced down the North of Sark, close-hauled towards Lower Heads, with gust of 42 knots of wind.

Once safely round Lower Heads, it was a bear-away towards the finishing line. With winds in the Little Russel being a much more moderate 26 knots, both yachts braved their spinnakers for one last phenomenal surf of the season, all at stake for the Scarecrow. And it was to be her day, finally: on corrected time, Richard Babbé’s Mr Scarecrow triumphed, claiming the Morgan Cup and a much deserved and hard fought first win of the season. Overall, she came home over 2.5 minutes on handicap ahead of the Gun, which by coming second also lost out to White Rabbit in the series overall.

A great season end race for the RCIYC, and very many thanks to our amazing sponsors, Male Uprising Guernsey.

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Jules Schaefer

Rear Commodore (Sail)


Hanois (Race 6) – Saturday 8 September


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Round Sark & Herm (Race 5) – Saturday 18 August


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Round Herm via Tobars (Race 4) – Saturday 11 August


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Round Guernsey (Race 3) – Saturday 28 July


‘Mr Scarecrow’ off the South Coast

It was a thrilling three-way race and chase for the RCIYC MUG Navigational Passage Race Round Guernsey on Saturday, 28 July 2018.

With winds gusting to over 30 knots, only three of the bigger racing boats braved the line off Castle Cornet for a downwind start towards the North. Richard Babbé’s Mr Scarecrow took an early lead, leaving behind Roger Martel’s Kaya and Lloyd/Hughes’ Sun of a Gun as the three boats quite literally raced towards Platte Fougère.

The Scarecrow crew had little time to marvel at the dolphins joining in the race, as one particularly fierce wave released the yacht’s ‘man overboard’ Dan Buoy, proving that the safety device worked, and provided good visibility even in strong seas. Time to get a new one!

Along the North coast of the island was a beat, and for the crew on all boats, it turned into more of a swim than a sail, with big rollers soaking everything and everyone.

Thankfully, warm temperatures and sunshine kept spirits high as Kaya, now leading the trio, made her way past the rocky West coast, followed by Sun of a Gun and Mr Scarecrow chasing keenly.

Once round the Hanois lighthouse, Sun of a Gun was quick to brave another spinnaker run, a move which proved decisive in the race. She shot ahead of Mr Scarecrow, and even caught up Kaya to beat her over the finishing line by four minutes.

Once handicaps were applied, on corrected time Sun of a Gun came first, and Mr Scarecrow second, both yachts taking just over 4 hours to complete the circumnavigation of the Island. Kaya was third, and as last boat in the race, also qualified for the MUG ‘Giant Pants’ award, which was proudly sported by the crew after the race.

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Les Dents (Race 1) & Round Herm (Race 2) – Saturday 30 June & Saturday 7 July

The 2018 RCIYC MUG Navigational Passage Series went underway with a great result in the first two races. On 30 June 2018 Cruising and Racing yachts set course towards Brecqhou, passing Anfre and Lower Heads to Port, heading for the Les Dents rocks in the shadow of Brecqhou castle. With winds of over 20 knots, the bigger racing yachts quickly took the lead, and a fierce race ensued between Roger Mattel’s Kaya, Ozard/Morris’s Blackjack and Hughes/Lloyd’s Sun of a Gun. Richard Babbé’s Mr Scarecrow and Martin Priest’s Fandangle were chasing, and Simon Henning’s White Rabbit as ever in the mix. It was a great turnout with 12 yachts chasing the Schreiber Cup, and the fleet a pretty sight with spinnakers flying downwind towards Les Dents. Once the rocks were rounded – all yachts giving them a wide berth, it was a close reach back to the finish line off Castle Cornet, past Lower Heads then home. John Frankland’s Spindrift, Aslett/Knowles’ Glory Days and McKerrell’s Busker all finished within a few minutes of each other, and Dino Castro’s Dark Horse as so often finished last, but did well on the results once handicaps were applied. White Rabbit took home the Schreiber Cup, with Fandangle coming second, and Blackjack third. The very first MUG giant pants for the slowest corrected time was won by former Commodore Ray Redlinghuys, who sailed double handed in his yacht Mahna Mahna.

The MUG pants have proved popular with Commodores so far, and in the Round Herm Race on 7 July 2018, they were presented to Commodore David Aslett, who claimed them in his yacht Glory Days. Glory Days had a very good first half of the race, and for a long time looked as though she would win the race overall.

Fandangle had a very good start, taking the early lead downwind towards Anfre, Sun of a Gun, White Rabbit and Mr Scarecrow hot on the heels, Martin Belcher’s Lady of Aquitaine following. Before the six yachts could round the first mark and make their way towards Lower Heads, all came to a halt, and had a big love-in at Anfre, involuntarily stacked up against each other with hardly any room to manoeuvre. White Rabbit’s windex came dangerously close to Fandangle’s spinnaker, and it was not entirely clear whether skipper Simon Henning was pushing his yacht forward or Fandangle back when he tried to separate the two. Within the confusion, Glory Days found wind from somewhere and after a slow drift away from the group suddenly took off and eventually shot away towards Herm. Sun of a Gun managed to follow behind next, and after those two had disappeared into the distance, Mr Scarecrow followed, then Fandangle.

By the time yachts reached Noir Pute, Glory Days’ lead began to evaporate, Mr Scarecrow catching up quickly, using the advantage of the chase to stay well clear of the windless pocket Glory Days had managed to find. By the time yachts had made it to Grande Amfroque in the light winds, and before they would have to begin stemming the tide in the Little Russel, Mr Scarecrow had made headway towards Sun of a Gun. But most surprisingly (to some) White Rabbit suddenly poked around the mark, having made up a huge deficit to push past the leaders, and set to push right to the top on the last close-hauled tacking match across the Little Russel past Brehon Tower and back to the finish line off Castle Cornet. Faced with an overtaking White Rabbit, Mr Scarecrow decided to try something different and sailed close to Rousse, the little yellow painted rock North of Herm, in order to stay out of the tide a little longer. Unfortunately for her skipper Richard Babbé, the wind was stronger further out in the Russel, and White Rabbit’s margin increased. Once handicaps were applied, Sun of a Gun won the Morgan Cup, White Rabbit in second, and Fandangle third.

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Randalls Evening Race (Evening Race Series Race 3) -Thursday 30 August


Swoffers Evening Race (Evening Race Series Race 2) – Thursday 23 August

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Boatworks+ Evening Race (Evening Race Series Race 1) – Thursday 2 August


Dinard Race – Friday 13 July


1st Glory Days 0.936 – Elapsed Time 08:35:05 – Corrected Time 08:02:07

2nd Busker 0.906 – Elapsed Time 08:54:46 – Corrected Time 08:04:30

3rd (1st Double Handed) Mahna Mahna 0.966 – Elapsed Time 09:01:06 – Corrected Time 08:42:42

Retired: Penguin

Report to follow.


Oak Trust Impi Shield for Male Uprising Guernsey Cancer Charity (M.U.G) – Saturday 23 June

A record 10 yachts turned out for the RCIYC Impi Shield Race on Saturday, 23 June 2018, sponsored for the tenth consecutive time by Oak Trust.  It was a beautiful day for racing, despite the light wind forecast.

The race course was set to allow a finish of sorts, taking times at various marks along the way.  All yachts starting simultaneously south to north off Castle Cornet, heading upwind towards Grande Amfroque north of Herm, the tide sweeping competitors along in light winds.  There turned out to be more of a breeze than expected, and the racing yachts were soon underway, Ozzard/Morris’ “Blackjack” taking the lead after a good start, followed by Hughes/Lloyd/Holmes’ “Sun of a Gun”.  The crowded start had seen a number of false or missed starts, and Richard Babbe’s “Mr Scarecrow”, Knowles/Aslett’s “Glory Days” and Simon Henning’s “White Rabbit” were all late getting off.

To the beautiful backdrop of Grande Amfroque, not often visited by the racing fleet, yachts set spinnakers with seabirds feeding off the choppy waters.

Sun of a Gun, Mick Holland’s “Majic”, and Blackjack were leading the race, White Rabbit catching up soon after turning downwind.  Nigel Loller’s “Olli” was racing closely behind Mr Scarecrow, shorthanded with only two crew, but was left behind once the sailing angle allowed Mr Scarecrow to deploy her Code Zero sail.

The tide continued to be northgoing once the boats turned south toward the next mark, Noire Pute east of Herm, and it looked as though Sun of a Gun, leading the fleet at this stage, was carried too far North. Blackjack stayed close to the coast of Herm, all racing yachts sailing a tightly fought match.

Less luck for the cruising class boats, last year’s triple winner Chris Sharpe’s “Boondoggle” making only Grande Amfroque before retiring, and Olli similarly struggling at Noire Pute, her three knots of wind being cancelled out by the same amount of adverse tide.  Terry Ashworth’s “Jurate”, a welcome newcomer to the RCIYC racing fleet this season, also struggled, but persevered until the curfew time of 17.30.

Positions in the Racing Class were decided at the last leg after Noire Pute, the yachts being free to take any course they wished back to the finishing line at race mark “D” off Castle Cornet.  Majic decided to sneak through the Percee Passage between Herm and Jethou, the wind deserting her as she did so. The leading racing boats went wide off Jethou, and only Mr Scarecrow, keen to try something different to distinguish herself in the race, hugged the coast of Jethou, through the Tobars Passage.  She, too, was deserted by the wind, seeing Blackjack and Sun of a Gun disappear into the distance in the Little Russel, and towards the finish. Glory Days, the only cruising yacht to make it this far, was rewarded by taking the shorter distance through the Tobars Passage a little later, the wind having picked up again and sweeping her through.

In the end, Blackjack took the win in both the Oak Shield for Racing Class and the MUG Trophy for overall winner.  Sun of a Gun was second in Racing Class, and White Rabbit third. Glory Days won this year’s Impi Shield, as the only Cruising Class finisher.

There was superb Thai supper and frivolities in the tent on the Crown Pier after the race, courtesy of Oak Trust.  As always, plenty of jovialities ensued, and lasted long into the night. An excellent racing day overall.

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St Peters Trust Dielette Race – Saturday 16 June



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Estera Frostbite Series 2018

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Race 7 – Saturday 24 March



A big fleet of 15 boats lined the start off Castle Cornet for the seventh, final RCIYC Estera Frostbite Race.

Mick Holland’s brand new JPK 1080 ‘Majic’ arrived in Guernsey from the Hamble only two days ago, and cut an imposing figure all in black, a forebearer of several new additions due to the racing fleet this season.

Majic was so eager to start her racing career in Guernsey, she was over the line as the gun went for Racing Class I, and had to take a penalty turn. The remaining yachts went off for a keen and fine start.

Morris/Ozard’s Blackjack, and Simon Henning’s White Rabbit were nose on nose at the start, both knowing they had to at least beat the other to clinch the overall series Racing Class trophy.

Meanwhile, Rupert Dorey’s Vamoosh had a swift signature start, tucked in closely below the Castle and emerging ahead into Havelet bay.

The first racers were already rounding Anfre to Port when Cruising Class II started its race five minutes after the Racers.

Aslett/Knowles’s Glory Days had an impeccable start and was first over the line, though she was soon overtaken by McKerrell/Parkin’s Busker.

The fleet of 8 Cruisers was well underway towards Anfre and neatly spread out, when George Oswald’s Naer Pourchet crossed the start line, late.

By then, the leaders in Racing Class, Roger Mattel’s Kaya, and Blackjack, were chased by a small tribe of followers, led by White Rabbit and Hughes/Lloyd’s Sun of a Gun – the latter’s last race in Guernsey waters. Majic was chasing keenly, tacking across the group and Martin Priest’s Fandangle following.

Nearer Anfre, Mark Huntley’s Angel’s Share was battling to hold ground against Naer Pourchet. John Falla’s Banjaard was being overtaken by Ian Le Maitre’s Panthalassa, who sailed a solid race overall.

At the Racing Class’s first rounding of Aiguillons, White Rabbit, Kaya and Blackjack were close, whilst Fandangle appeared to be heading off towards its own course mark, possibly Brehon Tower.  Vamoosh, still chasing the leaders, was being caught up by the fastest Cruising Class boats, with Busker still ahead of the pack.

Meanwhile, Blackjack had rounded Aiguillons and was the first to fly her spinnaker on the run back towards Castle Cornet. She was overtaken by Kaya on the way, with White Rabbit a little behind them.

Kaya was first to reach the Distance Racing Mark, dropping her spinnaker as she rounded it.

The race back to Aiguillons was fiercely contested in Racing Class, with the leading boats tacking competitively, amongst them White Rabbit and Blackjack hoping to clinch the overall series victory from the other. Fandangle was beginning to catch up with them, although still behind Vamoosh, who continued to race well in mid-field.

Going the opposite direction, Glory Days was heading towards the finish, for line honours and celebrating her series victory in Cruising Class 2 overall.

Angel’s Share was continuing to lose ground to Dino Castro’s Dark Horse, and Naer Pourchet.  Her tiny pink spinnaker looking no bigger than a bright pink balloon, far out in the Little Russel.

The results of this final race also determined overall results in another highly competitive and successful Frostbite series. On the day, in Cruising Class 2 Glory Days came first, Busker second and Dark Horse third. In Racing Class 1, the winner was Blackjack, White Rabbit in second, and Kaya third.

Overall this 2018 Estera Frostbite series, the results meant that the Bob Clark Tankard was won by Glory Days, whilst Blackjack retained the Babbé Trophy.


Race 6 – Saturday 10 March


Report to follow.


Race 5 – Saturday 24 February




Literally freezing temperatures prevailed for the fifth RCIYC Estera Frostbite Race, but nine undeterred yachts nevertheless assembled off Castle Cornet.  It briefly looked as though two French visiting yachts would participate in the race, but they soon set sail and departed towards the South.

The start was watched closely by a small group of visitors from Castle Cornet, some of the first of the season.

In Cruising Class 2, Ian Le Maitre’s Panthalassa had an excellent start, tacking closely inside Havelet Bay and taking an early lead.

Meanwhile, the Racing Class 1 yachts that had started five minutes earlier had reached Anfre, and after rounding it to Port were beginning to slow down, with Simon Henning’s White Rabbit well ahead of the others. Martin Ozard’s Blackjack was leading the chase, and Rupert Dorey’s Vamoosh not far behind in third.

After Aiguillons to Port, Blackjack caught up with White Rabbit, and spinnakers were hoisted. Both yachts were still leading the fleet by a margin.

Martin Priest’s Fandangle and Lloyd/Hughes’ Sun of a Gun chasing behind at this stage, Vamoosh having fallen behind.

White Rabbit pulled ahead of the fleet again between Reffee and Vivian Race Buoy, whilst meanwhile the Cruisers formed a pretty fleet of spinnakers further out in the Little Russel, Dino Castro’s Dark Horse chasing slightly behind the main fleet.

The midday Liberation arrived punctually from the North, forcing Mark Dunster’s Elephant to tack out of its way. Behind him George Oswald’s Naer Pourchet and Dark Horse firmed the tail end of the fleet. Further ahead, meanwhile, Aslett/Knowles’ Glory Days and S. Mckerrell’s Busker were chasing across to Reffee, Panthalassa closely behind.

On the last leg before Vivian, Elephant and Naer Pourchet were delivering a closely fought overtaking match, and unexpectedly Dark Horse suddenly caught up with the main fleet at speed.

It was White Rabbit’s final performance that eclipsed all others, however, figuratively steaming home from Aiguillons, via Reffee, taking line honours by a margin.

A trio of Glory Days, Busker and Panthalassa crossed first in Cruising Class 2, Busker struggling to keep her spinnaker out of the water on the last leg.

Elephant had another encounter with a commercial vessel, but this time the Herm Trident kindly tucked in behind to let the yacht pass but nearly cutting off Fandangle.

Vamoosh was last over the line, behind Dark Horse.

On corrected time, White Rabbit won Racing Class 1 nearly five minutes ahead of Fandangle, Blackjack in third.

In Cruising Class 2, Dark Horse won, the only yacht to finish in under an hour on corrected time. Second was Busker, and Panthalassa in third.


Race 4 – Saturday 10 February



The forecast near gales did not deter nine brave boats lining up off Castle Cornet for the start of the fourth RCIYC Estera Frostbite Race.

Rupert Dorey’s ‘Vamoosh’ and Martin Ozard’s ‘Blackjack’ were first over the line in Racing Class 1, tacking into Havelet Bay and towards Anfre. The course was limited by the forecast to be short and inland as much as possible, although the adverse weather did not deter the ‘Sea Donkeys’ jumping into the waves tumbling over the bathing pools.  After Anfre to Port, the first racers set spinnakers for the run down to Vivian Race Buoy. Meanwhile, the three Cruising Class 2 yachts were following behind, Knowles/Aslett’s ‘Glory Days’ leading, Dino Castro’s ‘Dark Horse’ and S McKerrell’s ‘Busker’ hot on the heels.

Roger Martel’s ‘Kaya’, surfed past Blackjack on the way to Vivian, her symmetric spinnaker allowing a much more direct course than ‘Blackjack’s asymmetric one. The advantage didn’t pay off in the end, though, and ‘Kaya’ was soon afterwards forced to retire due to equipment failure.

Slightly behind were Hughes/Lloyd’s ‘Sun of a Gun’, standing out into the Little Russell with no spinnaker, and Martin Priest’s ‘Fandangle’. The latter took down her spinnaker after a few near-broaches in the building gusts of over thirty knots.

So it was ‘Blackjack’ in the lead as the first racers headed back south towards Anfre, for a second rounding, ‘Vamoosh’ leading the chase.

Meanwhile, in Cruising Class 2, ‘Glory Days’ continued her flawless race, rounding Anfre well ahead of the other cruisers. She even managed to catch up with Ray Redlinghuys’ ‘Mahna-Mahna’, despite starting five minutes after the much larger racer and on the same course. ‘Mahna-Mahna’ entered the series without a spinnaker, to some disadvantage on a course like today.

The forecast rain began around 30 minutes into the race, and swell building although at least the wind was with the tide.

‘Dark Horse’ was struggling slightly, even with a reef in her mainsail she was heeling over and drenching her three stalwart and determined crew. She lost much ground against ‘Busker on the way to Vivian.

As the racers were on their way for a last lap round Reffee, the cruisers were on the home stretch and ‘Glory Days’ took line honours well ahead of the competition.

The wind had really come up by then and only the comparatively small RS Elite ‘Vamoosh’ braving a spinnaker. ‘Blackjack’ was first over the line in Racing Class 1, followed by ‘Sun of a Gun’ and ‘Vamoosh’, who overtook ‘Dark Horse’ just before the finish line, being on a direct course and ‘Dark Horse’ having to put in one last tack.

Back at the Clubhouse, Vanessa welcome the cold but exhilarated crews with Hot Dogs and refreshments. The final results proved a dramatic ending, with ‘Blackjack’ winning Racing Class 1 just six seconds ahead of ‘Vamoosh’ on corrected time. Third was ‘Sun of a Gun’. In Cruising Class 2 positions went to ‘Dark Horse’ in third, ‘Busker’ second, and ‘Glory Days’ first, with an over five minute lead on corrected time.

Several crew – led distinctly by team ‘Glory Days’ – continued their afternoon at the Club, with the Six Nations on the big screen. In all, another great day on the water and thank you very much indeed for the support of our sponsors Estera, in particular David Larkin who led the prize giving and promised to be back to sail later in the season.


Race 3 – Saturday 27 January



Fog and rain prevailed for the aptly named third RCIYC Estera “Frostbite” Race.

No wonder that tiny ‘Angel’s Share’ took one brief look at the start line before deciding to retire. Well done for her skipper Mark Huntley and crew for giving it a go, particularly after the exertions of race 2!

So it was 12 yachts on the start line, the seven racers hustling for position off the Castle ahead of the start gun. Richard Dorey in his RS Elite Vamoosh quietly kept off the pack, and made a brilliant start.

Roger Martel’s Kaya and Martin Ozard’s Blackjack shot off ahead, Kaya leading the fleet unchallenged throughout – not bad given it was her first appearance this year.

In Cruising Class 2, Mark Dunster’s Elephant took the North to South start appropriately seriously and decided to start North of the lighthouse pier. The remaining four cruisers set off as a pack, whilst some of the faster racers were already rounding the first mark, Anfre, setting spinnakers towards Aiguillon Race Buoy and disappearing into the mist.

Vamoosh stuck closely to the other much larger racers, Ray Redlinghuys’ Mahna Mahna instead preferring the company of the cruisers for much of the race.

As Kaya took down her bright yellow spinnaker after rounding Vivian Race Buoy, Martin Priest’s Fandangle was spectacularly broaching just off Castle Cornet. Skipper and crew kept their calm, and the boat soon continued on her course. There were reports of other broaches, one lucky Blackjack crew member getting completely drenched in icy green seas.

Much plainer sailing for Elephant, who towards the end of the race had made up ground enough to catch up Dino Castro’s Dark Horse. As Elephant was beating towards the finish line, the Trident Ferry graciously altered course slightly to let the cruiser continue her course.

Vamoosh’s blue spinnaker was the last to show by Vivian, all other racers having already rounded the mark. The cruisers only had to go so far as Reffee for the last mark, and Aslett/Knowles’ Glory Days was just sailing past the finish line as Kaya, in opposite direction going South, finished taking line honours. Blackjack was up next, but was overtaken on the very last stretch by Simon Henning’s White Rabbit, sailing a much more direct course.

Lloyd/Hughes’ Sun of a Gun finished just ahead of a pack comprising John Falla’s Banjaard, Vamoosh, and Glory Days.

The frozen sailors received a much needed cheery welcome from Vanessa, who had prepared her usual delights of Surf&Turf sausages and Senners rolls.

Estera prizes for the first three boats in each class went, in Racing Class 1 to Kaya in first, Vamoosh in second, Blackjack in third. In Cruising Class 2, Glory Days won, Busker in second and Dark Horse in third.


Race 2 – Saturday 13 January




It was blustery, but 15 determined yachts assembled at the start line for the second Estera Frostbite Race.

The six Racing Class 1 boats shot off towards Reffee, for a Starboard rounding and on towards Lower Heads. Simon Henning’s ‘White Rabbit’ sported her spinnaker on the first leg, Ali Bisson’s ‘Cavallo’ and Dino Castro’s ‘Dark Horse’ following suit in Cruising Class 2 shortly after.

After Lower Heads to Starboard, it was down to Anfre, then back to Lower Heads for the Racers. Martin Ozard’s ‘Blackjack’ rounded Anfre first, followed by Mick Holland’s ‘Majic’, ‘White Rabbit’ and Hughes/Lloyd’s ‘Sun of a Gun’ followed on shortly after, Martin Priest’s ‘Fandangle’ chasing.

Meanwhile, some Cruisers were already heading for the home stretch.

John Falla’s ‘Banjaard’ was ahead of her class, but struggling to hold her spinnaker and risking a late broach.

She was chased keenly by Knowles/Aslett’s ‘Glory Days’, and after months of scraping and re-applying antifouling, her skippers and crew were delighted to be back on the water.

Further out in the Little Russel, boats were criss-crossing, some still on their way to the second Lower Heads rounding, others on their way home. Amongst them was Mark Huntley’s ‘Angels’ Share’, visible only by her tiny single white triangle. Her three seasoned crew struggled in the heavy swell, and vowing never again to race in similar conditions.

Meanwhile, Clive Le Tissier’s ‘Jak’, was struggling with an increasingly disintegrating headsail (but making up by sporting illuminated nav lights!), and nearly missed the finish line she eventually approached behind all others in Racing Class 1, narrowly avoiding a  broach virtually on the line, her bright yellow spinnaker collapsing alarmingly.

The last leg home saw unlikely opponents ‘Sun of a Gun’ and ‘Dark Horse’ pit against each other – although the much faster Racing Class ‘Sun of a Gun’ soon shot past the Cruising Class ‘opponent’.

It all seemed to happen towards the finish line on this race, even ‘White Rabbit’, unusually, sporting an impressive hourglass in the spinnaker – although it didn’t appear to affect her speed.

Ian Le Maitre’s ‘Panthalassa’ finished reliably, just behind ‘Cavallo’ and ahead of George Oswald’s ‘Naer Pourchet’, and Morris/Martin’s ‘Jaygo’. The latter holding herself very well against the larger boats.

Back at the Club, Vanessa waited with hotdogs and refreshments, for a much-needed warming up and pleasant banter filling the packed clubhouse.

Positions in Racing Class 1 were ‘Blackjack’ first, ‘Sun of a Gun’ second, and ‘White Rabbit’ third. Cruising Class 2 honours went to ‘Banjaard’, second to ‘Glory Days’, and ‘Naer Pourchet’ in third.


Race 1 – Saturday 6 January



Stars align for 2018 Estera Frostbite series

The timing of the first RCIYC 2018 Estera Frostbite Race could not have been more fortuitous. On Saturday morning the recently relentless gale-force winds eased just in time, as fifteen boats gathered off Castle Cornet for the start of a new RCIYC racing season.

Four yachts in Racing class 1 started at the first gun of the season; it should have been five but Ray Redlinghuys’ ‘Mahna Mahna’ was late coming out of the marina. Unable to use her motor within the five-minute pre-race sequence, she was slowly stemming the tide towards the start line, as fellow competitors drifted (slightly quicker) past her and towards the first mark, Vivian race buoy.

Soon after, Cruising Class 2 started for the first time in 2018, and here five yachts were required to take penalty turns: Dino Castro’s ‘Dark Horse’ for being over the line, and the others for drifting outside of the outermost length of the start line.

The small fleet of penalty takers formed a slow circle back over the line, Roger Perrot’s ‘Rinamara’ taking a graceful centre stage. But just after 09.15 hours all, even ‘Mahna Mahna’, had re-crossed the line with a penalty turn, and were off towards Vivian.

It was a pretty and substantial fleet, particularly as spinnakers were flying on the run down from Vivian. John Falla’s ‘Banjaard’ looked particularly smart, sporting a large Guernsey flag.

The course for both classes was designed for the very light winds, and the announcement to shorten was soon made. Racing class 1 finished after one loop of Vivian, Distance, Reffee. Cruising class 2 only went so far as Vivian, finishing North to South at Distance.

Condor’s Liberation arrived and left again during the race, forcing some competitors to alter course and lose valuable seconds. Herm Trident and several fishing boats were out as well – in all it was a busy January morning on the water.

Line honours were taken in Racing class 1 by Simon Henning’s ‘White Rabbit’, and in Cruising class 2 by Ali Bisson’s ‘Cavallo’.

White Rabbit went on to win the first race, despite also having had to take a penalty turn at the start, beating Hughes/Lloyd’s ‘Sun of a Gun’ by a whole minute on corrected time. Martin Ozard’s ‘Blackjack’ came third.

In Cruising class 2, Banjaard was fastest on corrected time, beating Dark Horse into second, and Cavallo third place.

Mahna Mahna completed the race despite her late start, albeit half an hour after all others, and new Frostbite entrant but RCIYC stalwart Mark Dunster’s ‘Elephant’ was last over the line in Cruising class 2.

Back at the Club, Mark Huntley (who had missed out in fourth place with his new boat ‘Angel’s Share’) led a cheery handover between Heritage, and new Frostbite sponsor Estera. Estera is a leading global provider of fiduciary and administration services, and we are delighted that it will continue the long-standing relationship after acquiring Heritage Financial Services Group in November 2017.