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Results & Reports 2018

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Estera Frostbite Series 2018

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Race 2 – Saturday 13 January


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Race 1 – Saturday 6 January



Stars align for 2018 Estera Frostbite series

The timing of the first RCIYC 2018 Estera Frostbite Race could not have been more fortuitous. On Saturday morning the recently relentless gale-force winds eased just in time, as fifteen boats gathered off Castle Cornet for the start of a new RCIYC racing season.

Four yachts in Racing class 1 started at the first gun of the season; it should have been five but Ray Redlinghuys’ ‘Mahna Mahna’ was late coming out of the marina. Unable to use her motor within the five-minute pre-race sequence, she was slowly stemming the tide towards the start line, as fellow competitors drifted (slightly quicker) past her and towards the first mark, Vivian race buoy.

Soon after, Cruising Class 2 started for the first time in 2018, and here five yachts were required to take penalty turns: Dino Castro’s ‘Dark Horse’ for being over the line, and the others for drifting outside of the outermost length of the start line.

The small fleet of penalty takers formed a slow circle back over the line, Roger Perrot’s ‘Rinamara’ taking a graceful centre stage. But just after 09.15 hours all, even ‘Mahna Mahna’, had re-crossed the line with a penalty turn, and were off towards Vivian.

It was a pretty and substantial fleet, particularly as spinnakers were flying on the run down from Vivian. John Falla’s ‘Banjaard’ looked particularly smart, sporting a large Guernsey flag.

The course for both classes was designed for the very light winds, and the announcement to shorten was soon made. Racing class 1 finished after one loop of Vivian, Distance, Reffee. Cruising class 2 only went so far as Vivian, finishing North to South at Distance.

Condor’s Liberation arrived and left again during the race, forcing some competitors to alter course and lose valuable seconds. Herm Trident and several fishing boats were out as well – in all it was a busy January morning on the water.

Line honours were taken in Racing class 1 by Simon Henning’s ‘White Rabbit’, and in Cruising class 2 by Ali Bisson’s ‘Cavallo’.

White Rabbit went on to win the first race, despite also having had to take a penalty turn at the start, beating Hughes/Lloyd’s ‘Sun of a Gun’ by a whole minute on corrected time. Martin Ozard’s ‘Blackjack’ came third.

In Cruising class 2, Banjaard was fastest on corrected time, beating Dark Horse into second, and Cavallo third place.

Mahna Mahna completed the race despite her late start, albeit half an hour after all others, and new Frostbite entrant but RCIYC stalwart Mark Dunster’s ‘Elephant’ was last over the line in Cruising class 2.

Back at the Club, Mark Huntley (who had missed out in fourth place with his new boat ‘Angel’s Share’) led a cheery handover between Heritage, and new Frostbite sponsor Estera. Estera is a leading global provider of fiduciary and administration services, and we are delighted that it will continue the long-standing relationship after acquiring Heritage Financial Services Group in November 2017.