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Results & Reports 2017

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Airtel Vodafone Passage Race Series

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Race 2 – Round Herm via Tobars – Saturday 10 June


Report to follow.


Race 1 – Round Sark Race – Saturday 20 May


Thirteen boats assembled off Castle Cornet for the first RCIYC Airtel Vodafone navigational passage race last Saturday, in perfect conditions for a race around Sark.

The series kicked off with a double false start: Nigel Loller’s “Olli”, and “Mr Jenkins” sailed single handedly by T Barnes, performed the obligatory 360 degree penalty turn after crossing the line seconds too early.

The remaining fleet set off South towards Anfre, with spinnakers flying shortly after the competitors had rounded Lower Heads buoy and turned East towards Sark.  A pretty sight, with most boats holding their spinnaker all the way to l’Etac, South-East off Little Sark.

Simon Henning’s “White Rabbit” blew ahead of the fleet, and was only caught up by Roger Martel’s “Kaya” on the beat back home, shortly before both boats rounded Lower Heads for a reach towards the finish line.

It was not enough, however, to deny White Rabbit her first win of the series.  Second was Simon Hughes’ “Sun of a Gun”, a new addition to the Guernsey racing fleet and only on her second RCIYC race.  Third place was taken by Richard Babbé’s “Mr Scarecrow”.  Last over the line were Eve and Andy Burkhardt, in “Penguin”; it was only the second time the couple had raced their boat, and sailing under White Sails only.  A superb achievement for them, and great to have them join the racing fleet.

Also out on the water in a RIB was Elizabeth College student Cian Tully, winner of the Frostbite photography competition.  He took photos of the fleet racing downwind towards Sark.

Back at the Club, the lovely Marina Burr of Airtel led the presentation of prizes, with refreshments enjoyed by all. The next race takes place on 10 June 2017, going round Herm, via Tobars.


Fermain Beach Café Race – Saturday 3 June


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Report to follow.


St Peters Trust Dielette Race – Saturday 13 May



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Report to follow.


Heritage Frostbite Series 2017
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Race 6 – Saturday 18 March



Final Race in the Heritage Frostbite Series 2017 – a report by Commodore David Aslett


Winds gusting up to 30 knots, overcast skies, not great visibility and an early start conspired to put some crews off competing in race 6 of the Heritage Frostbite Series 2017.

The main prizes in Class 1 were already decided prior to this final race and with some unfounded speculation that a ‘conservative’ course would be set in light of the brisk prevailing weather conditions only two boats took to the water, Swift and Fidelite. Having already broken one mast in this series, Fidelite decided that discretion was the better part of valour and retired before the start, leaving Swift to cross the line alone. As two boats are needed to make a race Swift retired after Terres, the first mark, and were in pole position for the hotdogs in the clubhouse afterwards. In hindsight Swift said that they had wished they had joined in with Class 2 and sailed their course with them.

By contrast it was all still to play for in Class 2 with the top 4 yachts all in with a chance of winning the series on the last race. Luckily, for the other 3, Mark Huntley was away at The Goodwood Festival of Speed and his yacht Enigma did not compete. All of the others did. Starting north to south, such was their urgency, Busker was over the start line at the off and had to return losing them valuable time which may have ultimately cost them the race and the series. The gust reach from the castle to Terres with the traditional Havelet Harry gust which comes off the land in an offshore breeze saw Glory Days’ genoa sheet come detached from the sail which flogged in the wind much to the amusement of the crews on the other boats.

After Terres the three boats had a dead run across the Little Russell to Aguillions just off Jethou. This leg was made slightly more complicated by the visibility preventing the boats from seeing the mark until they were over half way to it. The tide was ripping north on the mark as the fleet left it to port, hardened up and began the beat back across the roads, to Reffee, the south cardinal mark, at the entrance to the QE2 marina and the short fetch back to Castle Cornet and the finish.

Although Glory Days crossed the line first, with Busker second and Dark Horse third when the ratings were applied Dark Horse came out as victor by 50 seconds on corrected time, with Glory Days second and Busker a minute and a half behind that. Times that could so easily have been even closer if the mistakes had been avoided. This resulted in all of the yachts in the top 3 finishing on equal points. This then involved the system of ‘count-back’ to be employed to determine the winner. After this process had been carried out Dark Horse was declared the overall winner of the series in cruising class, with Busker in second and Glory Days third.

It had been a great series with 27 boats competing in total in each of the two classes.


Race 5 – Saturday 4 March



Heritage Frostbite racing class won early by Ozard’s “Blackjack”

Thirteen boats lined up on Saturday, 4 March 2017 to compete in the fifth Heritage Frostbite series.  Despite strong winds during the weekend the weather window during the race was good enough once again allowing the fifth consecutive race to go ahead – a rare feat for the Frostbite series.

Seven boats in the cruising class raced around the Russell with a course of Vivian, Aiguillons and Anfre, the six boats in the racing class going twice around Reffee, Aiguillons, and Anfre.

All boats had a great start with spinnakers flying on the first leg North, but some struggling to hold them in the strong gusts.  There was more bad luck for John Knight’s RS Elite “Fidelité”, who had broken her mast during the last race and whose newly rigged lines caused problems with retrieving the spinnaker, as the result of which she had to retire.  Aden Clark’s “Blue J’ade” also struggled and retired on the first leg around the course.

Mick Holland’s J122 “Majic” provided spectacular scenes just before the finish, when she accidentally gybed and broached as a result of problems with her spinnaker.  Luckily no other boats were around to stand in her way and although the crew later complained of having been thoroughly soaked in the sea, no serious injuries were sustained.  Despite her dramas, Majic still managed to come third, with just under two minutes behind Simon Henning’s “White Rabbit”, who took second place in racing class.

First in racing class and for the fourth time, was Martin Ozard’s “Blackjack”.  Her win means that she cannot be beaten overall and was therefore confirmed the early winner and keeper of the Heritage Frostbite “Babbé Trophy”.

First in cruising class on Saturday was Mark Huntley’s “Enigma”, followed by Aslett/Knowles’ “Glory Days”, and “Dark Horse” in third, proving that her crew can place even without her owner Dino Castro being at the helm.

Heritage Frostbite cheering monkeys for last in class went to John Falla’s “Banjaard” in racing class and George Oswald’s “Naer Pourchet” in cruising class.

An exhilarating sail for all and plenty of sausages back at the Club. The final Heritage Frostbite race will take place at 09.30 on 18 March 2017, with positions in the cruising class still all to play for.


Race 4 – Saturday 18 February



Another great turnout for the fourth Heritage Frostbite Race on 18 February 2017

The wind was kind once more to the Heritage Frostbite series, with the fourth race being held on Saturday, 18 February.  20 boats lined up by Castle Cornet in perfect conditions for a race around the Little Russell.  First up was the Racing class, with 9 boats jostling for position, spinnakers flying for a race towards the first mark, Vivian.  In the Cruising class, five minutes later, a slightly over-excited “Glory Days” was over the line before the start signal – a first false start for this year’s races.  She swiftly performed her penalty turn and was back with the fleet in no time, even turning her mistake into an advantaged position on the wind.

Both classes were seen racing up and down the Little Russell for around two hours, with plenty of wind and sunshine making for an enjoyable day’s racing.  The race ended unfortunately for “Fidelité”, who had to retire due to a broken mast.  Skipper John Knight managed to sail her home and deliver all crew safely ashore.  Mark Dunster’s “Elephant” also retired, meaning that 18 boats finished in time for sausages and refreshments at the Clubhouse.

Line honours were taken by Ali Bisson’s “Cavallo” in Cruising class, and Mick Holland’s “Majic” in the Racing class, despite starting with a wrapped spinnaker.  The results showed a very close race in both classes, with only seconds separating the winning boats in each class on corrected time.  Heritage cheering monkeys for last in class went to Clive LeTissier’s “Jak” in Racing and John Frankland’s “Spindrift” in Cruising.  A much-debated (but nevertheless hard-earned) first prize in Cruising class went to Cavallo, who had just switched into the Cruising class before the race, second to Aslett/Knowles’ “Glory Days” and third to Dino Castro’s “Dark Horse”.  In Racing class, “Majic” came first, beating Martin Ozard’s “Blackjack” in second and Martin Priest’s “Fandangle” in third spot.  An excellent race day enjoyed by the fleet, and the fifth race being held on Saturday, 4 March at 10.00.


Race 3 – Saturday 4 February



With many adventurous forecasts over the course of the week, in the end the third Heritage Frostbite race started in perfect conditions of a steady force 3 to 4 and quite mild temperatures.

The racers went round Anfre, Lower Heads, Vivian, Aiguillons and Reffee and there was fierce argument from one boat whether the rounding of Vivian to port was sensible. The official response from the race officer was that the course stood as announced. What he muttered off air is unprintable.

The eight cruisers raced the same course as the racing class but after Vivian went straight home via Reffee, a lovely sight of flying spinnakers down to Anfree.

The fleet was set together quite closely until about Lower Heads, then spreading out once the first boats rounded the mark, with Majic taking it first.

The many colourful spinnakers racing up and down the Little Russell was a lovely sight from ashore and also the air, as reported by our Jersey sister club’s Commodore en route to our annual Dinner Dance this evening, particularly once the sun came out in full about half way through the race. Unfortunately the wind decreased towards the end of the race, and as on previous weekends the slower boats suffered.

Enigma was first over the line, cheered by the chorus of a little fleet of “Oppies” which had gathered at the start line.

Shortly afterwards came Glory Days, followed by Busker. On corrected handicap, the first three finishers took positions in reverse order, with Busker winning the cruising class.

Martin Ozard’s Blackjack scored a hat trick, coming first yet again, followed by BlueJade, and Fandangle. The Heritage Frostbite cheering monkeys for last in class went to Mahna Mahna and “Fourty-Two”.


Race 2 – Saturday 21 January



The second Heritage Frostbite race got underway on Saturday, 21 January 2017 with the crew of 19 boats braving near-freezing temperatures for a race around the Little Russell.  Unsure as to whether the small, but steady breeze would last into the afternoon, the race officials changed the course at the last minute so that the cruising class rounded Anfre and Reffee once, and the racing class twice.  The loop-shaped course meant that competitors were treated to a rare tight and bunched-up race, with yachts going in opposite directions along a narrow line just outside the harbour.  Vindicating the decision to shorten the course, but to the dismay of the last four racing yachts, the wind died completely after midday, and Jim Nicolle’s “Mustard Mitt II” just caught the last puffs of a very light breeze to take her over the line.  No such luck for Ali Bisson’s “Cavallo”, who after sitting stationary just off the harbour pier with not enough wind in her sails to stem the North-flowing tide eventually – and most reluctantly – retired.

First over the line was Glory Days, unsupported by dolphins this time but erupting into loud cheers as they took line honours.  Podium positions in the cruising class were taken first by Dino Castro’s “Dark Horse”, second the Aslett/Knowles Hunter HB 31 “Glory Days” and third the McKerrell/Parkin Sadler 34 “Busker”.  It was a double celebration for Dino, who also celebrated his birthday.

In racing class, first spot was once again taken by “Blackjack”, skippered by Martin Ozard, second was Mick Holland’s J122 “Majic” and third (with just two seconds behind) Martin Priest’s “Fandangle”.

Back at the Club, Vanessa greeted competitors with grilled sausages and plenty of ale.  Another excellent day had by all in true “Frostbite” conditions.  The next race will be held on Saturday, 4 February 2017 with a 10.00 start.


Race 1 – Saturday 7 January



The new racing season got under way at the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club on Saturday, 7 January. A record 23 boats assembled at the start line off Castle Cornet in perfect conditions for the year’s first race, the Heritage Frostbite.

First off were the 15 boats in racing class, with the Melges 24 “White Rabbit”, J109 “Blackjack” and the RS Elite “Fidelité”, edging first over the line.

Just as the racers were nearing their first mark in Belle Greve Bay, the cruising class started with 8 boats competing for the best position on the line.

The course saw both classes cross the Little Russel several times around Vivian, Aiguillons, Anfree and Lower Heads with plenty of beating and downwind time.

Line honours were taken by Mark Huntley in his Mystery 35 “Enigma”, finishing second in the cruising class on corrected time. First in cruising class was Brian Parkin in “Busker”, and third Dino Castro in “Dark Horse”.

The racing class was won by Martin Ozard’s “Blackjack”, followed by Simon Henning in “White Rabbit” and Roger Martel’s J122 “Kaya”.

Fourth over the line but taking pride of place with its seasoned race crew was Glory Days, who finished together with a pod of a dozen dolphins that had been sighted off the harbour all morning.

A good day had by all, despite a steady drizzle and chilly temperatures, and excellent start to the season.

The next Heritage Frostbite race is due to star at 11.00 on Saturday, 21 January 2017.