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Results & Reports 2015

2013 Oak Trust Impi


Herm Island Commodore’s Pot – Sunday 4 October
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Polygon Group Triangle Race – Saturday 29 August to Monday 31 August


Saturday, 29 August saw the start of the second edition of the Polygon Group Triangle Race hosted by the RCIYC. This new race series consist of three races between Guernsey, Dielette and Carteret in Normandy before returning to Guernsey.

The RCIYC also stage their annual cruising rally to Dielette for their cruising members and the Club uses the opportunity to get both racers and cruisers together for a gala dinner at La Phare Restaurant for an excellent meal. Cruisers have to complete a set of questions set by navigation and pilotage Guru, John Frankland to add a fun competitive element to the cruise.

The first leg of the race saw the racing field set off to Dielette in very light conditions. The light wind conditions make it very challenging for sailing boats as it is crucial that forward momentum is maintained. Once the yachts reached Grand Amfroque the ride turned against them and saw the yachts slowly drift passed Herm’s East Coast in glassy conditions. Half the field retired. Yacht “Mahna Mahna”, skippered by RCIYC Commodore Rheino Redelinghuys, persisted and hoisting the Code Zero paid dividends as the yacht took line honours and the first leg victory.

Whilst the Cruisers remained in Dielette for a Club BBQ, the racers started the second leg on Sunday afternoon, just off the coast of the large Power Station, again in glassy conditions. This time, however, with favourable tide drifting the boats South towards Carteret. The crews spent most of the time on the leeward rail staring at clear sea, counting jellyfish as they drifted past. In very close racing, Blue Jade, skippered by Aden Clark, took the early lead, by taking a longer course closer to the wind with their spinnaker. In the end, the longer distance sailed by Blue Jade penalized them and allowed Mahna Mahna, a Pogo 850, to overtake them. Once the yacht rounded Trois Grune Cardinal mark it became a fight to the end to cross the line. Mahna Mahna triumphed again and with the second victory, closed out the series for their first ever Offshore Passage Race Series win.

The Race crews enjoyed great camaraderie and banter in Carteret around another excellent meal, courtesy of sponsor Polygon Group, until a massive thunderstorm cut all electricity supply off to the restaurant, which forced crews back to their boats for well deserved rest.

The race field mustered on the start line early Bank Holiday Monday, in the shadow of Cap Carteret Lighthouse before setting off towards Guernsey, leaving Sark to starboard. This time, Blue Jade made no mistake and displayed its renowned upwind sailing capability to take line honours and the victory of the third leg.

The race and cruise is set to grow in the coming years and anybody interested in joining the Club and its famous camaraderie is welcome to contact the Club Secretary on

Race 1: Guernsey to Dielette – Saturday 29 August

1st. Mahna Mahna

2nd. Retired

Race 2: Dielette to Carteret – Sunday 30 August

1st. Mahna Mahna

2nd. Blue J’Ade

Race 3: Carteret to Guernsey – Monday 31 August

1st. Blue J’Ade

2nd. Mahna Mahna

Series Winner: Mahna Mahna


Randalls Evening Race – Thursday 27 August

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Race Results:

Racers: No Race

1) Dark Horse 1H02:54
2) Busker 1H03:42
3) Alectrona 1H04:00
4) Tomahawk 1H12:17
5) Naer Porchet 1H 30:18


Airtel-Vodafone Passage Race Series

Airtel Vodafone


Race 7 Round Herm via Tobars – Saturday 22 August


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Race 6 Round Sark Race – Saturday 15 August


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Race 5 Round Herm Race – Saturday 25 July


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Race 4 Les Dents Race – Saturday 4 July


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Race 3 Round Guernsey – Saturday 20 June


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Race 2 Hanois Race – Saturday 16 May


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Race 1 Round Herm & Sark – Saturday 25 April


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Boatworks+ Evening Race – Monday 30 July

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Oak Trust Impi Shield – Saturday 18 July

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Ideal Furnishings Dinard Race – Friday 10 July

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Variety was certainly the order of the day/night with winds varying between 2 and 25 knots and shifting from Northeast through to West North West during the race.

Six boats entered, although only five managed to start due to the strong southerly tide on the start line, the five that did strategically placing themselves to be able to drift over the line.

42 and Enigma managed to get away with their symmetrical spinnakers whilst the other two struggled, in particular Fandangle having trouble filling her large asymmetric in the very light conditions.

However the wind increased after an hour or so, gradually swinging East before dying and swinging very quickly to the West.  Spinnakers were lowered, tacks were made and after over three hours the first three boats (42, Enigma and Fandangle) parked up within about a hundred yards of each other.

The wind then started to increase and at that stage Fandangle hoisted her reaching spinnaker, managing to pull away from the other two.  The wind then rose steadily and swung to the West Northwest throughout the night making for an exciting ride, particularly for Fandangle which bravely (or rather foolishly) held her spinnaker to St Malo and reached speeds of over 11 knots in the dark.

Fandangle was the first to finish but didn’t help her case by lining up the wrong mark, which meant she travelled a lot further before taking a finishing time.

Enigma and 42 had a battle throughout the race, engaging in luffing matches and after some eight hours, finished only 5 seconds apart.

Alectrona did very well, sailed a steady course and finished within 8½ hours, which on corrected time gave her a well-deserved win.  Congratulations to Matt and his crew.  We all enjoyed the customary Calvados bought by the winner and hope his family will enjoy spending the prize money at Ideal Furnishings.

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Mora Evening Race – Tuesday 30 June
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Results awaited.


Governor’s Cup (Guernsey) – Sunday 7 June


This race is an inter island team event where Guernsey competes against our sister club from Jersey.  It is the sailing equivalent of the Muratti – except that Guernsey is rather good at it.

It is usually held after the Carey Olsen yacht race, as it is the most convenient time as the two island’s top racers are together.  It is contested over the best of three races and The Guernsey Team consisting of White Rabbit (Simon Henning), Black Jack (Martin Ozard) and Fandangle (Martin Priest) only needed 2 races to defend the cup.  It was however such beautiful sailing day that Jersey requested to sail the third race too.  The result was repeated and we took the series 3-0.  If this was a horse race, our skippers would have been sighted for using the whip to much… Well done team!!

Afterwards we hosted both teams in the Club and provided some hotdogs.  The Jersey team may have left empty handed, but at least their tummies where full.

Enough with the banter…

I would like to thank the Guernsey team, Steve Drew for letting us use his boat as a committee boat, and David Aslett and Dave Herschel for organising and administering.

Ray Redelinghuys


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St Peters Trust Dielette Race – Saturday 23 May

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Results awaited.


Swoffers Evening Race – Tuesday 19 May
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Heritage Frostbite Series

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Race 7 – Saturday 28 March


It was a breezy end to a breezy series last weekend, as the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club’s 2015 Heritage Frostbite Series drew to a close in gale force winds.

The conditions meant that only those in the running for a podium spot contested the race in Class One, with only four boats on the start line. The sturdier cruisers in Class Two were more at home in the conditions, and this start saw six boats heading off, all with reefed mainsails.

White Rabbit (Simon Henning) enjoyed a good first leg upwind against the tide to Anfre rock, but had a disastrous mark rounding, as a gust caught the big asymmetric spinnaker and blew it over the side before the crew could hoist it. They then spent several minutes watching the other boats sail past as they tried to drag it back in, before carrying on under main and jib alone to finish last, giving the rest of the fleet their first chance of a win in several races. In the end it was the largest boat, BlackJack (Martin Ozard & Steve Morris) which prevailed, with Vamoosh (Rupert Dorey) occupying their usual runner-up spot and Fandangle (Martin Priest) in third place.

It was fortunate for White Rabbit’s crew that so few racers ventured out, as they needed to count this final result, having missed the first few races. Fourth place was just good enough to end up on equal points overall with Vamoosh, but take the overall series honours by counting a nonetheless impressive three race wins. BlackJack ended their similarly solid series just a single point behind to take third overall.

In Class Two it was business as usual at the front end, with Enigma (Mark Huntley) once again winning by an impressive margin, despite a difficult first spinnaker hoist. The skipper, who is a director at Heritage Group, was delighted to win the series with an incredible four race wins after being very narrowly beaten into second place last year, and paid tribute to his crew.

The two boats fighting it out for second place overall, Alectrona (Matt Knowles), and Ian Le Maitre’s Panthalassa, had an interesting battle during the last race, which saw Knowles finish just seconds ahead on corrected time to secure second place in both race and series.

Further back came the smaller boats which struggled to beat against the tide in such strong winds, but Glenfruin (David Raines) did well to stay ahead of Dark Horse (Dino Castro) despite having taken a bit of a detour to retrieve the start mark which had come adrift.

“The weather has certainly been interesting this year”, said RCIYC Rear Commodore Dave Herschel. “Whilst we have only lost one race, which is normal in this winter series, the breeze has been quite high in all of them, whereas normally we would expect some light airs racing to balance out the survival sailing. Having said that, it has been a very successful series once again, with no incidents or collisions this year.”

Newly-elected Commodore Ray Redelinghuys agreed: “We are very grateful once again to our fantastic sponsors the Heritage Group, who have helped us to put together another great edition of this incredible series, which continues to be one of the best sailing events in our waters.”

The club is now on the hunt for new crew members to get involved with its summer yacht racing programme, and is holding an open evening on Friday at its clubhouse above Da Bruno’s Restaurant, followed by a crew training day and time trial competition on Saturday. More details are available at, and potential sailors of all abilities, including total novices, are encouraged to get involved.


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Race 6 – Saturday 14 March


Panthalassa (Ian Le Maitre)

Panthalassa (Ian Le Maitre)


Race 6 of the Royal Channel Islands’ Yacht Club’s Heritage Frostbite Series was sailed in ideal conditions last Saturday. There was a slight chill in the fresh Northerly breeze, but with a fairly short “laps” course set for this race, all the crews had plenty of work to do to keep warm, with nearly every boat changing to a spinnaker for the downwind legs.

The first leg saw both fleets sailing close-hauled from the castle, across the harbour mouth to Refee South Cardinal Mark. With a much wider start line than the previous race,  the starts in both classes were a little less fraught, although starting with the tide, as in most previous races, seems to get the fleet away much more conservatively, with nobody wanting to false-start. Those starting at the outer end, close to the new temporary distance mark, seemed to come out favourably, and some boats even tacked out into the fair tide early on, risking sailing a bit of extra distance.

Class 2 had just four boats on the line this week, with Enigma, helmed by club Vice-Commodore Dave Aslett in owner Mark Huntley’s absence, enjoying a flying start just seconds after the gun.

From Refee, the yachts then headed straight upwind to Vivian race mark, with the tactics really coming into play. Again, those risking heading further out  tended to make the bigger gains. Then followed a long and enjoyable leg heading deep downwind to Anfre rock. The boats with asymmetric spinnakers played the angles to try to make up for the further distance sailed with their higher planning speeds, and this strategy certainly seemed to be working well for White Rabbit (Simon Henning).

The last leg took the fleet back upwind to the castle, with a further lap for the cruisers, and another two to sail for the racers, some of whom were “lapping” the back-markers by the finish.

Both classes saw third race wins for new fleet leaders who missed the first race. Enigma managed to win Class 2 by an impressive four minutes on corrected time, whilst White Rabbit took the spoils of victory by a minute and a half in Class 1.

The competition for the other podium places was much tighter in both classes. Less than a minute separated Class 2 runner-up Alectrona (Matt Knowles) from third placed David Raines aboard Glenfruin, who finished his first race this series and also raced his boat under spinnaker for the first time.

In class one the gap between BlackJack (Martin Ozard and Steve Morris) in second, and Kaya (Roger Martel) in third was just four seconds, and there was less than four minutes separating second and sixth places.

The series itself remains wide open, especially with a further discard as long as the final race, starting at 11.00 on Saturday 28th March, is sailed. Class 1 has White Rabbit and Vamoosh (Rupert Dorey) tied on points at the top, with BlackJack close behind, followed by Banjaard (John Falla) and MustardMitt II (Jim Nicolle) also on equal points. In Class 2 Enigma has edged a single point in front of previous leader Alectrona, but Panthalassa (Ian Le Maitre), Tomahawk (Gordon Wilson), Dark Horse (Dino Castro) and Guffin (Ali Bisson) all remain in contention for a podium place.

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Race 5 – Saturday 28 February


Enigma (Mark Huntley)

Enigma (Mark Huntley)


Frostbite series classes remain wide open 

Race 5 of the RCIYC/Heritage Frostbite Series saw the fleet heading around Jethou clockwise once again, in the absence of any race marks on the far side of the Little Russell following the winter’s storms.

This time they enjoyed a downwind start on a very tight line, so the larger Racing Class had much less room than usual to jostle for position, right under the castle. There were no collisions, but a great deal of shouting and much cunning use of the rules as a few boats held onto their rights by remaining on starboard tack, taking many of the rest of the fleet out into the stronger tide with them.

The cruiser class got away rather more cleanly, as usual, and turned at Refee, giving them more of a downwind angle than the racers to get to the Percee Passage North of Jethou. From there the fleet divided again, with some staying close into Jethou and taking the Tobars passage back, and others opting for the wider expanses of the Musee and Parfonde passages. Newcomer David Raines on Glenfruin tried valiantly to stem the tide on his chosen route, but it was the tidal strength on the outer part of the course which ultimately meant that this was a race which favoured the faster boats in both classes. Enigma (Mark Huntley) romped home for her second series win, four and a half minutes clear of Panthalassa (Ian Le Maitre) in the cruiser division, which in turn enjoyed a comfortable margin ahead of Alectrona (Matt Knowles).

It was a similar story for White Rabbit (Simon Henning), who took a second consecutive win, this time by a margin of nearly six minutes, but it was much closer behind the victors, with Vamoosh (Rupert Dorey), Blue J’Ade (Aden Clark), Banjaard (John Falla) and BlackJack (Martin Ozard/Steve Morris) all finishing within just over a minute on corrected time.

There was frustration for one boat in each class, who unfortunately missed the announcement of the course and start mark on the VHF, and all the subsequent debate which ensued. Jak and Guffin both ended the day with “Did Not Start” points of three more than the number of starters, rendering their day’s efforts wasted.

Being the fourth race to have taken place, the first discard came into operation in the overall standings, leaving the series still wide open in both classes, but particularly in the cruiser class where only four points separate first to sixth places.

Please click HERE for the Race Results


Race 4 – Saturday 14 February


 Alectrona (Matt Knowles)

Alectrona (Matt Knowles)

Competitive and eventful racing for Race 4 of Heritage Frostbite Series

Ideal sailing conditions were experienced by the 16 yachts who took part in the RCIYC Heritage Frostbite Series race 4.

The North West force three winds gave the yachts a gentle beat to the Refee mark, rounding to starboard, before fetching to the North end of Jethou.

Kaya, the J122 lead the racing fleet home, but in close pursuit was the Melges 24, White Rabbit. During the long downward legs White Rabbit was able to plane and as a result, took first place on corrected time. Vamoosh (Rupert Dorey) put in another good performance to take second place, with Fandangle, the J97, placing third.

In the cruiser class, Enigma, was the leading yacht, but conceded this lead to Busker for the fetch back to Refee. At the rear of the cruiser class  Dark Horse was forced to anchor on the East side of Jethou due to rudder damage, and she was assisted by another competitor, Glenfruin, who immediately retired from the race to stand by and assist until a local Aquastar motor yacht secured a tow to enable Dark Horse to return to the QE2.

Busker was first home, followed seconds behind by Tomahawk with Enigma just astern. After handicaps were applied it was Alectrona who won on corrected time from Busker and Pathalassa.

Please click HERE for the Race Results.


Race 3 – Saturday 31 January



Classic style keelboats revel in blustery conditions for Heritage Frostbite Series Race 3

Race 3 of the RCIYC Heritage Frostbite Series saw just five yachts come to the start line on Saturday 17 January in gusty conditions.

The RCIYC race officers set an inshore course in view of the weather which was forecast to deteriorate.  It offered a short beat up to Refee, just north of the QEII Marina, followed by a run to the Anfre mark then back to the castle start/finish line. The racing class enjoyed three laps and the cruisers two laps of the course.

Vamoosh, the RS Elite skippered by Rupert Dorey, and the smallest yacht in the race, was sailed impeccably, with good spinnaker handling on the downwind legs to earn a well-deserved first place in the racing class. In the cruiser class, Mark Huntley in his Mystery 35, Enigma, sailed well and despite having to effect a foresail change due to damage, comfortably took line honours, taking first place on corrected time.

Enigma has an impressive 48% ballast ratio making her a very stiff yacht in the breezy conditions. Dino Castro in Dark Horse coped valiantly with the conditions and was placed second.

Please click HERE for the Race Results.


Race 2 – Saturday 17 January

Testing conditions for Heritage Frostbite Series Race 2

Fourteen yachts contested Race 2 of the RCIYC Heritage Frostbite Series on Saturday 17th January in challenging conditions.

The race followed a simple ‘Round the Cans’ triangle, routing North across St Peter Port Harbour mouth and then out to Lower Heads, south of Jethou, returning via Anfre Rock, and the changeable weather proved to be testing for all of the crews, with winds varying at times between 7 and 28 knots.

The beginning of the racing class was tight with Blackjack (J109, Ozard/Morris) enjoying the perfect start. Blue J’Ade (X362, Aden Clark) was forced outside the line and had to re-cross the start, whilst Mahna Mahna (Pogo 8.5, Ray Redelinghuys) hit the mark forcing them to take a penalty turn on the first leg of the course.

The cruiser class start was more reserved, as the wind dropped just before the signal, but they found a very light patch of breeze approaching the Reffee mark. The racers were faced with calm conditions at the Vivian Buoy, which effectively allowed the slower boats in the class to catch up. Blackjack picked up the breeze which allowed her to make good progress against the tide and she was first to round Lower Heads. She did so as the wind increased to 22 knots.

Meanwhile in the cruiser class, Tomahawk (Swan 38, Gordon Wilson) chose to maintain a more westerly course over the bank and was first around the Lower Heads, closely followed by Guffin (Ali Bisson, J24).  The breeze further increased to 25-28 knots on the beat to the Anfre mark, and then eased to about 7 knots for the reach back to the finish line.

First in the racing class was Blackjack, skippered by Martin Ozard and Steve Morris, with a corrected handicap time of 1:41:26, and in the cruiser class, Dino Castro took the honours after handicap in the Blue Contessa 26, Dark Horse with a time of 1:29:51.

Race 2 was in fact the first race of the Series, after the stormy conditions of last week saw no yachts coming to the start line.

Gordon Wilson of Heritage, who was placed third in the cruiser class, said: ‘the conditions out there were really challenging, with the wind changing in both direction and speed throughout the race.  When we finished the showers had eased, and the wind was just 7 knots.’

Please click HERE for the Race Results.


Race 1 – Saturday 10 January

Race cancelled due to adverse weather conditions