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Results & Reports 2016

2013 Oak Trust Impi


Herm Island Commodore’s Pot – Saturday 24 September

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Two boats entered:
Cavallo finished in 1:48:40 corrected to 1:41:23
Dark Horse retired



Airtel-Vodafone Passage Race Series

Airtel Vodafone


Race 7 Les Dents – Saturday 17 September


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Race 6 Round Herm & Sark – Saturday 6 August


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Race 5 Round Herm – Saturday 25 June


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Race 4 Round Sark – Saturday 11 June


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Race 3 Round Guernsey – Saturday 4 June



A prolonged period of high pressure persisted for the Round Guernsey Race. The resulting light and variable breeze meant that the morning brought much debate as to whether to postpone the race or to proceed with the start. In the end the fleet of 9 boats set off to beat slowly up the Little Russel to the Platte Fougere. As you might expect there was the ever-present cruise liner ‘in’ and those yachts that chose to sail to the south and east of this ship did significantly better than those that selected the west and east sides. This was partly due to the wind shifting from the north to a more north-easterly direction during the early stages of the race.

As flood tide slackened and finally turned the fleet struggled to get around the lighthouse. The fickle wind and tide were now moving in the same direction, south, frustrating the attempts of the two ‘slowest’ boats on paper Dark Horse and Haven Gem to make it to this tidal gate in time.

Simon Henning’s Melges 24, White Rabbit, was first around the Platte Fougere (including the workboat which was stationed alongside, presumably attending to the recent fire damage) and stretched out a lead on the south going tide sluicing the boats along the west coast. Spinnakers filled and collapsed as the yachts struggled to clear the outlying rocks which are marks of the course. Spinnakers were gybed at the next turning mark, The Hanois, and the fleet proceeded along the south coast. Roger Martel in his J122, Kaya, flying his symmetrical spinnaker was able to adopt a much straighter course than that of Martin Priest’s Fandangle which flew a bright pink asymmetrical spinnaker which took them zigzagging in and out from the cliffs.

By the time White Rabbit reached St. Martin’s point and turned for the final leg back up to Castle Cornet for the finish the wind had died but the ebb tide was still running strongly. This allowed the boats astern to concertina back up slightly but not enough to prevent Simon Henning from taking the victory from Fandangle – 50 seconds on corrected time after seven hours of racing! Matt Knowles’s Hanse 320, Alectrona, took third place with Mick Underdown in Forty Two coming in fourth when the handicaps had been applied closely followed by the Commodore, Ray Redelinghuys, who won the MUG mug for the first shorthanded crew.

A special mention should also be made of Ian Le Maitre in his Hallberg Rassey, Panthalassa, for their tenacity. They stuck it out for over nine hours to complete the course.


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Race 2 Round Herm via Tobars – Saturday 14 May


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Race 1 Hanois Race – Saturday 7 May


Race Winners "Fandangle"

Race Winners “Fandangle”

A cluster at the outer end of the start line began a promising fetch for the RCIYC Race Fleet competing in this year’s race to the Hanois Lighthouse and back kindly sponsored by Airtel Vodafone. This promise was only to be fulfilled in part.

Alectrona were the first to experience technical difficulties when a snap shackle on one of the halyards operated automatically stranding the offending rope high in the rigging. Matt Knowles, the skipper, was dispatched up the mast to retrieve it but unfortunately their race was over as they reached Long Pierre.

After St. Martin’s point the tide was running strongly and favourably to take the yachts west along the south coast. So well in fact that it almost took the wind out of the sails and the crews enjoyed a hot spinnaker run out toward the light house. As they were approaching a new breeze came up. With more north in it and peaking at around 14 knots. This caught a number of boats out as they had a tight spinnaker reach in to the turning transit, a few wished they had gybed sooner and gathering the spinnakers as they were dropped proved slightly more energetic than had been anticipated.  The breeze staid constant as the boats beat back along the south coast up wind and in towards the shore to keep out of the now adverse tidal current.

Unfortunately the breeze was not to hold up as the competitors re-rounded St. Martin’s point and Long Pierre. The breeze died away to virtually nothing and the boats crawled back up past Fermain to the finish. The frustration proved too much for Kaya with Roger Martel deciding to call it a day and deploy the iron-topsail to get back to port in less time.

This left Fandangle to take line honours and the win on handicap followed by Richard Babbe’s new boat a JPK 1010 called Mr Scarecrow crossing the line in second and also placing second on corrected time. On paper the slowest boat in the fleet a Contessa 26, Dark Horse, finished third when the corrected times were calculated. It was great to see 9 boats start and as well as the JPK 1010 welcome Nigel Loller’s new Sun Fast 3200, Olli, to the RCIYC racing scene

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Swoffers Evening Race – Thursday 15 September

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Boatworks+ Evening Race – Tuesday 13 September

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Cruisers – retired (please click HERE for the “Results”)

Racers – did not start


Cruisers on the start line


Mora Evening Race – Thursday 1 September

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Randalls Evening Race – Tuesday 16 August

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Oak Trust Impi Shield – Saturday 23 July

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Dinard Race – Friday 15 July

1) Mahna Mahna       Elapsed Time 11H53m 28 sec Corrected Time 11H 12min and 13 sec
2) Busker Retired


Governors Cup – Sunday 3 July

On Sunday, 3 July 2016, this year’s Governors’ Cup, the annual inter-island competition between delegations from Guernsey and Jersey took place in Jersey.  Racers braved morning rain, poor visibility and sore heads from a big party the night before to set course around the Olympic-style round cans race.  Guernsey was represented by Martin Ozard’s J109, Blackjack, Martin Priest’s J97, Fandangle and Richard Babbé’s JPK 1010, Mr Scarecrow.

The Jersey race committee had set a challenging and varied course with good up-and downwind sailing around St Aubin’s bay.  The first race went to Jersey’s The Dogs…!, followed by Blackjack, with Jersey’s Jai Ho in third.  The second race was underway shortly afterwards, and this time Blackjack took first place a clear minute ahead of Jai Ho, the Dogs…! coming in third place.

The second race proved quite unfortunate for Mr Scarecrow, who was in the process of hoisting her spinnaker when The Dogs…! forced her upwind, only for the spinnaker to get snagged in the Dogs…!’ mast.  The Dogs…! heeled over and Mr Scarecrow’s spinnaker tore clear and into two pieces.

Following the incident Mr Scarecrow decided to retire and limp back to Guernsey.  As is the rule of the Governors’ Cup, one Jersey boat also dropped out and the third race got underway with four boats on the start line.  Blackjack concluded the morning’s racing by again taking first place, 18 seconds ahead of the Dogs…!, with Fandangle coming third.

After the races, the remaining boats returned to La Collette Marina, wherefrom the Jersey crew very kindly took us across to their St Aubin’s club house.  We attended a lovely reception which concluded with His Excellency General Sir John McColl, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, presenting the Cup.  Despite fierce competition from Guernsey, His Excellency was pleased to present the Cup to the Jersey boats, who had a clear points lead overall.  His Excellency had been a spectator of the morning’s event and was close by when Mr Scarecrow lost her spinnaker.  He congratulated both teams on their performance, but added that he had not hitherto known sailing to be a contact sport.

In mid-afternoon, and by now with some sunshine, the remaining Guernsey boats headed home – with firm plans to win back the Governors’ Cup next year.


St Peters Trust Dielette Race – Saturday 28 May

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Heritage Frostbite Series

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Race 6 – Saturday 19 March

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Race 5 – Saturday 5 March

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Race 4 – Saturday 27 February

Race cancelled.

Race 3 – Saturday 13 February

Race abandoned.

Race 2 – Saturday 30 January

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Race 1 – Saturday 16 January

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