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Cruising Reports 2018


Dielette Cruise – August Bank Holiday 2018



Despite the unpredictable weather six boats and eleven people, all departing at different times, made the crossing to Dielette. The event was excellently organised by Vice Commodore David & Caroline Raines who sailed in their yacht Glenfruin. The other yacht participants were Andy & Eve in Penguin and Annie and John in Thursday Island. The motor boat fraternity was well represented by Stuart & Sarah in Strider, Peter & Latha in Seventh Heaven and myself in Skipper’s Pride.

As usual for this cruise, our notorious quizmaster John Frankland, had designed one of his special quizzes, with strict instructions that the sealed quiz envelopes were to be only opened after we were underway and no internet assistance be sought.

Saturday proved to be a beautiful sunny and warm day. Several of the crews took advantage of the local courtesy bus to visit Les Pieux, a nearby town, for shopping and to enjoy a drink at one of the pavement cafes. In the evening, after an onboard get together for pre dinner drinks, the group strolled the country lane to Le Bouche a Oreille for a very enjoyable meal and the announcement by David Raines of the answers to the quiz and the presentation of prizes – first prize, a bottle of champagne, awarded to Andy & Eve. A very pleasant evening closed with some onboard drinks and a toast from the prize champagne.

Sunday was a leisurely day with crews doing their own thing, some engaging in the varied walks which Dielette offers and some even venturing for a swim at the local beach. In the evening after onboard pre dinner drinks, everyone ventured to the local marina restaurant L’Escale for another good meal.

Bank holiday Monday, despite the brisk wind conditions saw some of the yacht crews make preparations to return to Guernsey, whilst the motor boaters delayed their departure until Tuesday with the return of very good boating conditions.

Everyone remarked what a thoroughly enjoyable weekend it had been.

Adrian Lay

(Photographs provided by Stuart Crisp & Adrian Lay)


St Aubin Cruise – Weekend of Saturday 21 June



The annual visit to our sister Club in St Aubin with dinner on Saturday night

Six boats made the journey with ‘Strider’ (Stuart & Sarah Crisp) and ‘Breton Girl’ (David & Angie Jeffs) moored in the harbour in St Aubin and ‘Rinamara’ (Roger Perrot & Gordon Wilson), ‘Spindrift’ (John & Alison Frankland), ‘Alectrona’ (Matt & Ellie Knowles and Dave & Liz Aslett), ‘Aloonie’ (Des & Karen Fletcher) and ‘Majic’ (Micky Holland, Heather Ferbrache & Richard Pearce) based in the marina in St Helier.

Vice Commodore David Raines and Caroline Raines travelled by car en route to France with Phil & Julie Ball travelling in the opposite direction.

An excellent meal was enjoyed in a convivial atmosphere.


Le Légué Cruise – Saturday 26 to Monday 28 May


Photographs by Stuart Crisp, Johann Etasse & John Frankland

Le Légué Rally 2018

Once again the RCIYC were welcomed and entertained by the ANL

(??) in the little known (except for us!) port of Le Légué in Brittany.

And what a welcome!

Skipper’s Pride (Adrian Lay), Greta (Johann Etasse) headed for St Quay-Portrieux – some 50miles – on Friday afternoon. The marina in St Quay is of course open 24 hours and gives a useful springboard into the neighbouring but very tidal Le Légué. Magic (David Harland) had travelled on the day before and was therefore well placed in the marina to handle ropes for the other two power boats.

Both Greta and Skipper’s Pride had encountered thick fog on the way with nothing to be seen until the Madeux beacon at the western approach to St Quay. Soon after arriving, all seven crew trouped off to one of the several ‘glass’ restaurants in the marina complex to enjoy an excellent dinner.

Saturday morning brought thick fog once again but this thinned out a little as the three boats headed out to the east for the 10 mile inshore passage to Le Légué.  Timing was crucial at the port since entry and exit through the lock and swing bridge gave only a window of HW ± 1 with a very shallow approach.  We were surprised to see the racing yacht Fandangle (Martin Priest) already in the lock after managing to negotiate the shallows with her 2m draught!  Fandangle had sailed from St Peter Port that morning, having a spinnaker run for most of the way and taking a mere 8 hours.  Perhaps it was due to the expertise of our Commodore who was aboard together with Martin’s expert crew of three females!

At the lock, members of the host club were on hand not only to handle ropes etc but to hand out gifts to each Guernsey boat. Also on the lock side were Adrian and Delia Pogson (they had sailed in from Binic the day before on Ban Druidh) and Stuart and Sarah Crisp who had driven to Le Légué in their borrowed motor-home. Roland and Carol Guille had also driven in but apparently Carol had fallen off her bike on the way to the lock and needed medical attention. All was well however with her injuries. Stuart and Sarah were returning from a long touring holiday and the intrepid Roland and Carol were setting off for Kathmandu or somewhere!

That evening, 18 members of the RCIYC were welcomed by the ANL in their new and very comfortable clubhouse situated on the quayside. The food was abundant, the wine flowed and gifts were exchanged by Commodore David Aslett and the ANL President.

On Sunday morning, newly baked Baguettes and Croissants were delivered to each boat (and motor-home). Later that morning, all assembled at the quay to be taken off to either the local market or to a nearby car-boot sale before returning to the boats for lunch.  Then, off again to the local Chateaux and park (impressive) for more food (Paella) and a few (!)  drinks.

It was not over yet though!  A ‘farewell’ gathering at the clubhouse had been arranged with the host members laying on a lovely spread of mainly homemade local fare.  Two members of the Jersey branch of the RCIYC who had arrived in Le Légué by chance were invited to join us. Barclay and Helen were delighted and impressed with our invitation to them as well as the hospitality of the ANL. The message will go back to St Aubin!

Once again it was apparent that the ANL had put in so much effort to look after us.  Many volunteers waited on us and provided their own local delicacies – nothing was too much trouble for them.  We were able to stress to them how much we appreciated their efforts and how we were looking forward to greeting them once more in Guernsey next year.

The early lock was easier than we thought it might have been with Stuart, Sarah and the lock-keeper (Lorraine) on hand to help the five boats through, finally waving us off into the inevitable fog.  The visibility was almost nil for the first half of the passage home but it lifted completely eventually and we basked in the sunshine! Adrian and Delia sailed to Jersey in Ban Druidh and Stuart and Sarah motored off toward St Malo.

In all, this was a very successful and enjoyable rally. Le Légué has been turned into an attractive destination with new restaurants and good facilities but most of all, so friendly and welcoming. It certainly deserves to be visited more often.

John F


Commodore David Aslett, Adrian Lay, Janice Lay, John Frankland, Johann Etasse, Dave Le Jeune, David Harland, Anne Harland, Martin Priest, Amanda, Karen, and Silvia, Stuart Crisp, Sarah Crisp, Adrian Pogson, Delia Pogson, Roland Guille, Carol Guille.

Plus Barclay and Helen (Jersey Branch).