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Cruising Reports 2016

The Richard Corcoran Memorial Cruise & Dinner – Saturday 8 October



Despite the challenging weather conditions forecast for the weekend, four boats made the trip north from St Peter Port, surfing on a stiff north-easterly breeze through the gap in the rocks which forms the narrow entrance to Beaucette Marina.  Despite the slightly easier approach by road, Ed and Jenny Duncan made the last-minute decision that, in the wet and windy conditions, they would leave their campervan at home.

24 RCIYC Members gathered at the Beaucette Marina Restaurant for the Richard Corcoran Memorial Dinner on the Saturday evening, keen to sample the restaurant’s menu on the first weekend of the Channel Islands’  ever-popular annual culinary ‘Tennerfest’.  The food, prepared by Chef/Proprietor James Scowen was, as always, excellent and the front-of-house service, orchestrated by Mrs Val Scowen, was faultless.  A relaxed and enjoyable evening followed.  We were most fortunate that both Richard and Chris Corcoran, sons of Richard Corcoran, along with their partners Nikki and  Laura, were able to be present at the Memorial Dinner in honour of their father.  Richard Corcoran (junior) gave a short speech before proposing a toast to his late father.  The Loyal Toast was proposed by former Commodore Stuart Crisp.

On Sunday morning, the crews of the four RCIYC boats returned to the restaurant to start the day with a hearty breakfast.  With high water expected at about noon, it would be necessary to be safely moored up, back in St Peter Port, by mid-afternoon.  However, the strong and persistent north-easterly breeze made for challenging conditions in the marina entrance.  ‘Strider’ (Stuart and Sarah Crisp) and ‘Skipper’s Pride’ (Adrian Lay) decided that it would be prudent to delay their departure as long as possible in the hope that the wind would moderate.  ‘Alectrona’ (Matt and Ellie Knowles) and ‘Moonfleet’ (David and Jo Grimshaw) made the decision to err on the side of caution and to remain alongside at Beaucette until later in the week.


The Archivist Diélette Cruise 2016 – Saturday 27 to Monday 29 August



With glorious weather prior to the weekend no boats had difficulty joining in the Rally.  Saturday provided perfect sailing weather and whilst the weather on Sunday could have been better it was back to normal for the return home on Monday.

10 Boats joined in the Rally:

Ban Druidh (Adrian & Delia Pogson), Busker (Brian & Louise Parkin), Copain (Peter Moffatt), Glenfruin (Rear Commodore David Raines & Caroline), Meltemi of Lisia (Phil & Julie Ball), Mustard Mitt II (Jim & Bernie Nicolle), Penguin (Andy & Eve Burkhardt and Conan, Ailsaand, Josh & Rebekah Lewis), Seventh Heaven (Peter & Latha Daley), Spindrift (Past Commodore John Frankland & Johan Etasse and Peter & Sally Cordery & ‘Tilly’) and Vivace (Clifford & Judith Edgecombe).

During Saturday those that had arrived previously relaxed whilst others made their way to Diélette. In the evening we all met up on the La Phare Hotel’s terrace for pre-dinner drinks and canapés. Suitably invigorated we then enjoyed an excellent Normand meal of seafood, pork, and chocolate pud. After the first course we were treated to a generous glass of calvados – just to help the digestion of course!

After the meal was over the prizes were awarded to the winners of John Frankland’s nautical quiz. 1st Prize went to Brian & Loise Parkin (Busker), 2nd Prize to Phil & Julie Ball (Meltemi of Lisia), and 3rd Prize to David & Caroline Raines (Glenfruin). A special prize of some crème anglaise (that’s french for coostard) was awarded to John Frankland and Adrian & Delia Pogson were presented with 2 bottles of wine to mark their wedding anniversary.

Sunday was not a particularly good day with grey skies and showers. Rear Commodore David Raines made an ‘executive decision’ and cancelled the traditional BBQ and replaced it with a pre-dinner pontoon party followed by moules frites at L’Escale. Everybody thought it was a very good call and set the standard for the future.

Altogether another excellent Diélette Rally and thanks are due to Archivist for their generous sponsorship without which there would have been no Quiz prizes or polo shirts and a much less enjoyable dinner.

Thanks are also due to the following:

  • Judith Edgecombe for the excellent pontoon party canapés.
  • John Frankland for the briefing and Quiz.
  • Adrian & Delia Pogson for the use of their car to do the shopping for the pontoon party.
  • Rear Commodore David Raines for all his hard work and organisation.
  • The management & staff of the Hôtel du Phare & the L’Escale Restaurant



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St Aubin Cruise – Friday 5 to Sunday 7 August



10 members boats made it to Jersey for the annual dinner (Alectrona, Glenfruin, Meltemi of Lisia, Penguin, Skipper’s Pride, Spindrift, & Strider). Sadly Chloe Elise had to drop out at the last moment due to engine problems.

The majority of the fleet chose St Helier Marina as their base with the exception of Strider which stayed in St Aubin.

On Saturday evening the Cruise Dinner was held in the RCIYC Jersey clubhouse in St Aubin and 21 members & guests enjoyed an excellent meal.


 Yacht Club Pays de St Brieuc (previously Association Nautique du Légué) – 28 & 29 May 2016

Yacht Club Pays de Saint Brieuc (ANL)

Photographs by: Stuart Crisp, Philippe Launay, Adrian Pogson & Delia Pogson.


It is the last weekend in May 2016 and it is the time that the RCIYC invade France to party with our friends at the Association Nautique du Légué (ANL) only when we got there we discovered that there has been ‘trouble at t’mill’ and the ANL has changed its name and there has been a split in the ranks. ANL is now called  ‘Yacht Club Pays de Saint Brieuc’.  It seems that the split has been down the lines of racing and cruising; the YCPdeSB is now mainly a cruising Club and the new club focuses on racing and is called ‘Godille’ (verb to scull).

Well, that’s the politics out of the way!

As is usual with RCIYC cruises there was a healthy mix of motor and sail and we all left at different times on different days but most of us managed to arrive at the lock at Le Légué at the same time.

We were seven boats and overall 16 people.  Chloé Elise (Carol and Roland Guille), Turning Point (Capt Barry), Ban Druidh (Adrian and Delia Pogson) were already moored up in the pleasant port of Le Légué awaiting the arrival of the other boats. Spindrift (John Frankland, Johanne Etasse and David Le Jean), Strider (Stuart and Sarah Crisp), Skipper’s Pride (Adrian Lay and cousin Janice) who had crossed the Baie of St Malo for the first time)  and Lily (Ian and Barbara McEwan). Sadly Penguin (Andy and Eve Burkhardt) who were going to make a Friday night crossing from Guernsey were defeated by the fog and had to stay at home. All the arriving boats entered the lock just after midday on Saturday to be greeted by friends both French and Guernsey.

Once we were settled in each boat was given a ‘goodie bag’ of local butter, cider, biscuits, and other bits and pieces.

The party began at 19:00 hours when we were collected and taken to the very grand L’Hotel du Ville for an official Vin D’honour where we were warmly welcomed by the assistant Mayor and the President of the YCPdeSB, Joris Viart, and as Rear Commodore David Raines was still en route ex Commodore John Frankland responded on behalf of the RCIYC. The Assistant Mayor presented the Club with a book illustrating the history of St Brieuc and each female guest was given a box (model of L’hotel du Ville) of biscuits. The wine flowed freely with locally produced ‘amuse bouche’ which was overlaid with the odour of the distinctive and very French local Andouille.

Then the true party began. We were taken to Edelweiss, the local authority building currently used as the Club’s temporary home, where we were fed traditional Breton saucisse wrapped in gallettes, and home made desserts washed down with a bit of alcohol.  Rear Commodore, David,  and his wife, Caroline, arrived just after us and in time to join in the singing and dancing. Music was provided by four members of the club along with a 30 page song book of French, Breton and English songs.  It is amazing how easy it is to sing in French after a couple of ‘litres de cidre’. David Le Jean and Delia Pogson were a hit after singing a duet together which was filmed and went viral after being posted on Social Media. It was noticed that Adrian Lay (Skipper’s Pride) was very light on his feet and clearly enjoyed the Breton dances. We eventually got back to the boats at about midnight, exhausted.

Sarah and I were slow to start the following day but when we did rise we found a breakfast of baguettes and croissants waiting for us on the stern of Strider as did every boat in our flotilla.

At 11.00 some of the guests were taken to Plerin Sunday Market,  while Sarah and I were taken by Xavier and Marie Jose Saux to a different market which had a very strong arabic/islamic influence.

The weather held sunny for the main event which was a hog roast in Parc Rohannec’h just above the port and in the grounds of an elegant chateau. After the meal and some more music and dancing the two Clubs exchanged gifts, an engraved glass jug, fudge and a case of VB from RCIYC and a large Breton board game, and book celebrating our exchanges  from the YCPdeSB.

At about 16.00 most of us walked down a wooded track back to the port for a much needed lie down before the meeting up again for farewell drinks.  It was a return to Edelweiss for more singing and dancing with a final presentation from Rear Commodore David Raines. It had been noticed by Adrian Pogson that the YCPdeSB no longer had a Blue Ensign, which they usually display at our joint events.  Apparently the ensign and pennant had disappeared during the move from their last club house.  Luckily Adrian had a brand new Ensign and pennant aboard which he allowed David to present to a delighted Joris Viart.

It seemed that evening that two cultures had merged through a common interest in boating, cruising, singing and dancing to become one group of happy friends.

I know that a huge amount of effort goes into organising such events and on behalf of our Commodore Ray Redelinghuys and all of us who attended over the weekend, I would like to thank the President of the  Yacht Club Pays de St Brieuc and his team, particularly Christian and Brigitte Lamy, for such a special weekend.

Finally, Brigitte told me that their club loves our visits because we have such a tradition of singing and dancing! I told Brigitte that was not the case and that it is them who always sing!  She replied ‘No, we don’t.  We only sing when you come!’  Well I never!

I don’t know about you but I am already looking forward to going there again in two years’ time.

Stuart Crisp


Liberation Day Rally




10 RCIYC boats, plus two belonging to members of our ANL (Association Nautique du Légué) friends, took advantage of moorings in the Victoria Marina over the weekend:


‘Carpe Diem’ (Dave & Liz Aslett)

‘Glenfruin’ (David & Caroline Raines)

‘Alectrona’ (Matt Knowles)

‘Ban Druidh’ (Adrian & Delia Pogson)

‘Lily’ (Ian & Barbara McEwan)

‘Chloe Elise’ (Roland & Carol Guille)

‘Hurah’ (David & Angie Jeffs)

‘Quadriga’ (Matt & Lisa Wood)

‘Keltic Dancer’ (Mat Desforges)

‘Lazy Tiger’ (Tim Gabriel)

‘Gwennili’ (Christian & Brigitte Lamy – ANL)

 One other ANL boat


Two boats were, unfortunately,  unable to participate:


‘C’Est La Vie’ (Andy & Helen Green – boat in Jersey, maintenance incomplete)

‘The Lady Jane’ (Ken Wheeler – engine problems)

A number of RCIYC members made the short walk along the pontoon to socialise and join the party.