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Cruising Reports 2013

Laying Up Supper – Saturday 2nd November



The Richard Corcoran Beaucette Cruise – Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September



Our last cruise of the season was a real success. Three boats motored up to Beaucette early on Saturday morning, taking advantage of the high tide to weave their way between the rocky outcrops of Bequets and Bectondu and on the land side of Houmet Paradis.  If you have never taken that route it is a real pleasure to be able to converse with the blackberry pickers as you pass by!

Six boats; Altair, Seadream of Sark, Strider, Jean Pierre, Persuasion, and Greta moored up in Beaucette for the weekend.

This cruise is the one that includes boaters, ex-boaters and non boaters.  The occasion attracted 40 people, all of whom enjoyed a superb meal provided by the Marina Restaurant.  It was also pleasing to see some of our newest members along with some prospective members.

At the end of the meal we raffled the wine that the Association Nautique du Légué gave us when they visited in May.  Ann-Marie Mitchison won the first prize of 6 bottles.

This year the Club has lost two members, Paddy Randall a stalwart and original member of the RCIYC and Larry Glegg, of Seaquest Marine who was a new member.  The Beaucette cruise was an opportunity to toast absent friends.

Following the meal the crews retired to their boats and I know that some calvados was consumed before bed time!

In the morning the crews enjoyed an excellent ‘fry up’ at the restaurant.  After the early morning fog had cleared (in more than one sense!) the boats headed for home before the marina gates closed. Another season over!


Last Night of the Proms – Saturday 7th September


Last Night of the Proms


This was  a joint event between RCIYC and the GYC which attracted 21 boats, 6 of which were from the Royal.  The boats mustered in the Victoria Marina before 1100 on Saturday morning giving plenty of time to dress and clean the boats. What a picture they looked.


2013 Proms Last Night 1


..and someone even invited the Queen!


2013 Proms Last Night 2


At 1930 the music started with a local orchestra and choir, followed by the BBC Proms on the big screen which could be seen from the boats. It was a lovely warm evening and the crews and guests were really enjoying the whole event.


2013 Proms Last Night 3


Thanks go to Martin Stanford and Colin Le Conte for organising the event and to the Marina for offering favourable prices!


The Clegg Gifford Dielette Cruise – Friday 23rd to Monday 26th August


Clegg Gifford


We still have not reached Les Écréhous but we have had good cruising season and the highlight so far has been the Clegg Gifford Rally to Diélette.


Clegg Gifford 2013 Vase


The weather forecasts during the build up to the Diélette weekend gave no clue as to what the weather was going to be like and changed from day to day. The one bit of clarity was that it was going to be fairly windy on the Saturday.

The event generously sponsored by Clegg Gifford Insurance, attracted 17 boats and 45 people. Some of the crews arrived during the week and by Friday evening all but one boat was moored in the marina. Brian and Louise Parkin arrived on Saturday having had a cracking sail across with a Force 5 – 6 NW’ly. Six people travelled by land, from Paris, Dordogne, and Lyvet.

On Friday evening a number of crew visited L’Escale for their famous Moules Frites, and the party began.

On Saturday afternoon a number of us went land yachting at Sciotot, great fun especially in force 5-6 winds.


Clegg Gifford 2013 Land Yachting (2) Clegg Gifford 2013 Land Yachting


My thanks to Dominic Clark (right of top picture) for organising the activity.

After we showered and cleaned sand out of places where sand just should not be, we headed to La Phare for drinks and nibbles We had a superb meal with the traditional trou normand, a large glass of calvados which is supposed to aid digestion and make way for the rest of the meal; it just made me a bit squiffy.

Clegg Gifford 2013 Group Photo

Before the meal the answer sheets for the nautical quiz, prepared by John Frankland, were handed in, unfortunately Strider’s crew were not able to hand one in as there were not enough answer sheets to go round. So we were very surprised when Sarah Crisp was announced the winner of the lovely glass rose bowl (donated by Clive McEwan). Dominic and Paula Clark wanted to enter but did not wish to win another piece of glassware as they have won frequently before so they put Sarah’s name on their entry! It made her day. Carol and Roland Guille came second and Adrian and Delia Pogson came third (last year’s winners). John Scott, the single handed sailor won the booby prize, a lifetime’s supply of Gromar, diesel bug cure, donated by Marine and General. John Frankland read out the results and the prizes were handed out by Alison Frankland.

The late calvados drinkers eventually got to bed at 0130 – not a patch on last year’s 0400!

On Sunday Paula and Dominic Clark helped to organise a BBQ in the Garden by the stream (and the toilets). The Commodore invited a number people who were visiting the marina. The BBQ started at 1700 CET and went on past dark. Seventy one people attended and we served 100 sausages. It was a brilliant opportunity to sell the club and to let people know how friendly we are. We have gained at least 4 new members because of it.

Monday dawned with one or two thick heads – not my fault, we just supplied the means! Throughout the day people gradually slipped their moorings and travelled to their various homes.

Just a bit of history about our relationship with our sponsors. In 2002 Clegg Gifford, through Clive McEwan, sponsored a triangle race between Guernsey, Carteret and Diélette. This was a popular race but one year it did not take place due to poor weather and when asked about the sponsorship money , Clive said ‘Oh just have a slap up meal with it’. The Diélette Rally was born and it was so popular that we decided to continue with that format. Sadly this is the last year that Clegg Gifford is going to sponsor this event so we are looking for a new sponsor for the event; any offers or ideas are welcome.


St Aubin’s – Saturday 25th to Monday 27th May 


Nine boats made the trip, involving nearly 30 people, an excellent turn out.  It was a four five split in favour of St Aubins.

So after a relaxing afternoon we all arrived at the RCIYC Club House and were warmly welcomed by Commodore, Sandra Carroll.  The welcome also involved a welcoming drink which was much appreciated.

It was lovely to see a good representation of the Jersey Club, with not only one active Commodore but three ex Commodores, Chris and Sue Cooke, and Rodney Waller, in fact, five including our own David Mitchison and Mathew Henry.  We had an excellent meal provided by Pavel and his team and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The following morning some of the St Aubin crews made it for a superb Sunday breakfast at the Club House.

Sunday night was an experience in the fleshpots of St Aubins, but we did manage to find a quite exceptional Chinese restaurant, enjoyed by all after a somewhat fractious ordering process!  We recommend New Dynasty, 4 High Street, St Aubin.

The weather was just right with enough wind for the sailors but not too much for the motor boats.  We were able take advantage of the inside passage past Corbière; if you haven’t done it you really must.



Alderney – Friday 3rd to Monday 6th May


Three boats made it up to Alderney on the May Day weekend, with 11 skippers and crew.  Alan and Helen Byron travelled up on Friday in Seadream of Sark with their friends Mark and Karen.


Alderney 2013 (1)

             Early morning shot of Seadream of Sark


Ark de Triumphe  and Strider  cruised up on Saturday, with a following force 5-6 south westerly.  Conveniently the breeze was with the tide and Strider hit the Swinge at slack water – or as slack as the Swinge gets, perfect.


Alderney 2013 (2)

Ark de Triumphe moored


Once we smartened up we headed for a welcome at the Alderney Sailing Club.  Ilona Sloane – Sands stood in for the Commodore, Neil Harvey. It was a chance to meet some of our fellow boaters from the northern isle and share a couple of glasses of wine/beer.  They have a strange custom up there.  The first person in the bar puts £20 down and as people come in they get a drink from that £20 until it is gone, the next person puts £20 down and so on!  They tell me it works.


The crew of Ark de Triumph set the tone for the evening. They had arrived in Alderney early so they could check into their hotel, but only got as far as the Divers!  Common difficulty in Alderney I hear.


After the Sailing Club we dined at The Georgian House, a good meal, but not excellent, and also a bit pricey.  However, that might have been down to Andrew O’Neil ordering the wine.  Still, the premises were very smart and that night very busy.


Alderney 2013 (3)


We all got back to the boats safe and sound, the skipper from Strider rowed while the others took advantage of the late water taxi, running until midnight.  Day time price £1.50 per person and after 2130 £2.50 per person, not a cheap option, but really convenient.


Sunday.  Up early to find breakfast.  We were refused at the Braye Beach Hotel, which was apparently too busy, although it was clear no one was up yet.  It was then that we discovered The Little Rock Cafe on the far side of the inner harbour.


Alderney 2013 (4)

 Sarah, Stuart & Stuart’s Mum


….but it was not open!  However, there was a mobile number on the side of the van and once rung Krys, the owner from the USA, arrived to cook and serve a wonderful locally sourced fried breakfast with a few American twists.  Sausage patties and blackberry and blueberry jam on the toast to eat with the fried food – delicious, and a free top up of tea and coffee. The details of The Little Rock Cafe plus menu will be on the website in due course.


Sunday was Milk-O-Punch day, and the first Milk-O-Punch was available in the Alderney Sailing Club at 12:00 – some people were waiting patiently for them to open.


 Alderney 2013 (5)  Alderney 2013 (6)  Alderney 2013 (7)
 Feeling rough Sam!


The first Milk-O-Punch of the day.

Alderney 2013 (8)


The two Commodores sharing a glass together.  Shortly before the RCIYC Commodore was interviewed for Radio Guernsey.


Milk-O-Punch is made of milk, eggs and rum and most premises in Alderney have their own recipe.  We had one (two or three) in the Sailing Club, one in The Divers, and one in Ray’s, at the end of Braye Street.  All free – what a brilliant idea.


The Byrons left before breakfast, catching the tide down to Guernsey and Ark de Triumphe departed soon after the first Milk-O-Punch in time for Sam to catch a 5lb Turbot on the way home!


Strider stayed for another day – see Commodores Log for what happened next.


Alderney was very welcoming and I think it would be a great addition to the annual cruising calendar.