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Cruising Dates

2017 Cruising Programme

Gone Sailing 2

St Helier Cruise
Friday 14th April – Monday 17th April (Easter Weekend)
HW St Peter Port (Friday 14th April):                         09:17 hours (BST)             8.9 metres
21:31 hours (BST)             8.8 metres

Alderney (Milk o’ Punch) Cruise
Saturday 30th April – Monday 1st May (Early Spring Bank Holiday Weekend)
HW St Peter Port (Saturday 30th April):                   10:11 hours (BST)             9.3 metres
22:28 hours (BST)           9.1 metres

Victoria Marina Rally & Pontoon Party
Tuesday 9th May (Liberation Day)
HW St Peter Port (Tuesday 9th May):                       06:32 hours (BST)             8.6 metres
18:54 hours (BST)             8.8 metres

Saturday 27th May – Monday 29th May (Spring Bank Holiday)
HW St Peter Port (Saturday 27th May):                    08:28 hours (BST)            9.7 metres
20:47 hours (BST)            9.8 metres

Fermain Bay Race & Rally/Visit of YCPSB (ANL Le Légué)
Saturday 3rd June/Sunday 4th June)

HW St Peter Port (Saturday 3rd June):                     02:08 hours (BST)            7.3 metres
14:58 hours (BST)             7.2 metres

St Aubin Cruise & RCIYC (Jersey) Supper
Saturday 22nd July – Monday 24th July
HW St Peter Port (Saturday 22nd July):                   06:19 hours (BST)             8.7 metres
18:42 hours (BST)             9.1 metres

Archivist Dielette Race & Rally
Saturday 26th August – Monday 28th August
HW St Peter Port (Saturday 26th August):              09:22 hours (BST)             8.9 metres
22:32 hours (BST)             8.8 metres

Richard Corcoran Cruise – Beaucette Marina
Saturday 7th October – Sunday 8th October
HW St Peter Port (Saturday 7th October):              08:21 hours (BST)              9.6 metres
20:40 hours (BST)             9.8 metres


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