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Past Commodores

Senior Flag Officers
1954 Cdr L T Peyton-Jones, RN (Retd)
1955-1957 J S H Morgan, MC
1958-1959 R G Randall
1960-1962 Lt Col R O Symons
1963 Capt T W Brunton, DSC RN (Retd)
1964-1966 R A D Foster
1967-1968 C J D Renny
1969-1970 Lt Col F G C McCartney
1971-1972 Lt Cdr J S Barnes, RN
1973-1974 P J H Morgan
1975-1976 I W Lovell
1977-1978 J R E Babbé
1979-1980 G R Nicolle
1980-1981 G M Dorey
1981-1982 B D Lovell
1982-1983 P A de C Swoffer
1983-1984 Dr P S A Heyworth
1984-1985 Brig W M E White, CBE
1985-1987 J M Button
1987-1988 Capt F G Thatcher, RN
1988-1989 D V E Ewart-White
1989-1992 J S L Marjoribanks
1992-1995 R A Perrot
1995-1997 J P Lee, TD
1997-2000 G R Cullington
2000-2002 R P Babbé
2002-2004 A B Clark
2004-2006 D Evans
2006-2008 M Henry
2008-2010 J Frankland
2010-2012 E Diacono
2012-2013 D Mitchison
2013-2015 S Crisp
2015-2017 R Redelinghuys